Hiatus and Such

If you couldn’t already tell, I haven’t updated Till Death Do Us Part for quite a while now – call it a hiatus if you will (: I’ve gotten fairly busy, what with college starting sometime around September. So I’m converting this into a general blog of all my writings. I’d post my very first college paper here, but I’m afraid its a bit of a bore unless you like reading about abstract philosophy.

All that aside, I ended up getting a B+ on that paper. Not the best grade, I know, but a fairly nice start. This was my first progression, and I have two more to go, during which I’m hoping I’ll be able to improve. This is for a class called "Writing The Essay," by the way.

I’m using this post as a way to procrastinate and not study for Spanish, to be entirely ohnest with you. But I’ll save that to be a rant for another day, or a more eloquent post. One of the two….this is a rather informal entry, very diary-esque if you ask me! Totally classy though, because I’m not yet unparanoid enough to post some of the complaints I’ve had regarding one of my roommates. I’m kind of scared she’ll chance upon the blog and read all of my innermost thoughts, even if they’re not regarding her; I just haven’t bonded with her well enough to have her see my writing. I’m not amazing, and my livejournal has been where I posted some rather juvenile chapters. Well the entire concept of the story was fairly juvenile, wasn’t it?….

I mean, I don’t know…arranged marriage is a scary topic for me. It holds more relevance in the Indian culture than one might realize. I have to meet a friend in my spanish class at around 5:30 to study Spanish with her, so that leaves me an hour to finish this rather random post as well as go over my basic vocabularly. It’s essentially only on 4 chapters, this test, and yet, those four chapters are such a formidable barrier. I’m just praying I won’t fail, because the Spanish midterms aren’t curved. What you score is what you get, and with my past test grade factored in, unless I get above an 85 on this midterm, my GPA is screwed.

Oh gosh, I said "screwed," If Sara sees this, she just might die. But honestly, this is my blog! I am my own censor here, and if I can’t let out my anger here, then where can I? Blogging ftw ❤ 

I use that a lot, this "<3" concept. I wonder sometimes if all the guys I’ve texted with "<3’s" think I’m hitting on them. Because I’m not, its just a way of expressing myself. I sometimes stick one in where, were you having a conversation with me in person, I’d give you a big smile. Or a hug, I don’t know. But I hug people a lot, so hugs don’t mean I’m hitting on you. There I go digressing again.

You know what the one thing I dont like about college is so far? That a lot of people have comented to me and said that I was "too innocent." What does that even mean? Like take Tommy for instance…he thinks I’m too "innocent."

Just because I’m a virgin or haven’t had any experience with alcohol prior to starting college doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m innocent, does it? I moderated a forum!! That should count for something, what with the amount of dirty jokes I’ve read and understood on there. I may not be up to speed on the lingo, and I might get a "that’s what she said" joke a little slow sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I’m innocent. And even just saying that, if that’s where you stop, would be fine, if this innocence wasn’t used as an excuse to dismiss my opinion on a subject. Just because I’m too innocent doesn’t mean that I don’t know what i’m talking about. I’m a perfectly smart and coherent individual whose opinion shouldn’t be discarded solely because of innocence.

You know, I texted Akshay a while ago; he should be over soon, seriously. And I’m going to go work on Spanish now. 

LiveJournal, you have officially turned into a diary. Of sorts.