A Welcome Respite!

You know what, thank GOD for weekends!!! They couldn’t arrive any sooner – actually, that’s the best KIND of weekend….the one that arrives when, were you to wait a single day more, you would go absolutely insane. And this weekend is just that kind…the work I have is not so bad, and my next test isn’t until Friday. I’ll start flipping out over that on Monday or something! But this weekend, aside from some surprisingly light reading (A bit of Plato, a bit of Beccaria, and a 100 pages of Moby Dick – nothing out of the ordinary) and that’s about all. I mean, who doesn’t read all those intellectual goodies on weekends anyway? So I’m sitting here at home (yes, the Long Island one) relaxing, watching my mom watch Indian soaps and thinking to myself…"Life is good!"

Actually, after posting this blog I’m going to get ‘hella’ studying down (<3 the influence of roomies from California) so I can go shopping (and DRIVE A CAR for the first time in nearly 5 weeks) with my mom. And then I’m going to NEW JERSEY and meeting my babies, all of whom I have not seen in the longest time.

Work’s also going great…I mean, I get paid to go to work and go on Photoshop for a few hours twice a week….what more could I ask for? Ideally, I would Photoshop for longer than that at home for leisure/fun/pleasure/whatever ANYWAY, so why not make some money doing what I enjoy? Perfect job, and one that keeps me sane on Wednesdays, the day I have an otherwise crazy schedule haha.

3 back-to-back classes may not sound so bad NOW, but wait until you experience it – and then you’ll be singing quite a different tune. I’m inspired to study for now though, and the quicker I get the boring notes out of the way, the quicker I move on to more fun things!

Such as the new wallpaper series I’m working on, of course.


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