Woah, Finals?

December….all hail finals week. Actually, finals MONTH. Aka month from hell. Destination: Death.

Okay fine, I’m being a little dramatic. But honestly, this is outrageous…Just look at this darn schedule. Is it not ridiculous?

Dec 08 | Writing The Essay – 2nd Progression Rewrite [6-8 pgs]
Dec 15 | WTE – 3rd Progression [6-8 pgs]
Dec 15 | WTE – Final Portfolio
Dec 14 | Con West – Term Paper 2 [3-5 pgs]
Dec 14 | Con West – Term Paper 3 [3-5 pgs]
Dec 14 | Con West – MET Extra Credit (Metropolitan Museum of Art) [1-2 pgs]
Dec 14 | Three Epics {{Seminar}} – Final Research Paper [15-20 pgs] – May get possible extension
Dec 18 | Spanish Final
Dec 23 | Con West Final

YEAHH, sounds like somebody’s having tons of fun up until the day before Christmas eve.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been awake all night. I was catching up with a friend on MSN till around 5:30 AM as I gathered resources for that Con West Term paper I have to write. I’m now actually writing….this post here is just a break from that. Thank god they’re only 3-5 page essays…I’ve already got about 2 pages done. Not bad at all! Beccaria and Socrates on the right to punish…an interesting discussion. My TA (the man who grades the papers) doesn’t want any dramatic writing though, so I’ve been forced to cut down my sentence structure and completely alter its style to be more succinct and frankly – boring. He likes boring writing, and thats exactly what he’s going to get. My roommate and my friend got back pretty late (or well, early this morning) from clubbing and went to sleep at around 7:15 (yeah so they sort of pulled an allnighter too, except they’re sleeping afterwards and I’m not) and I’ve just been studying a lot. I feel like if I can get this one paper done as well as study some vocab for my Spanish exam on Tuesday, I’ll be in good shape to take a shopping break (aka retail therapy) with Serena and a few other friends. It’ll definitely be a ‘welcome respite" from all the hectic-ness that is Finals month.

Winter break is going to be so relaxing ❤ I won’t have to stay awake for this late at all, that’s for sure. Unless I stay awake voluntarily of course. But that isn’t happening…atleast not for the first few days of break atleast.

I had oatmeal for breakfast.

That’s funny…I haven’t had a proper breakfast here in so long! Well that’s funny but also kind of pathetic at the same time I guess…breakfast’s pretty good to focus one’s energy for the next few hours.

Bullshit. I’m going to go get some Red Bull now.


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