Rawrrr, it’s Friday night, and what am I doing? Why studying, of course! I have a 20 page research paper due on monday, and I’m hoping to atleast gather a few outside sources and get the basic outline going. After that, I’m going to start the actual writing, and try to get a few pages done, at the very least. Tomorrow, I think I might go to Bobst and hunt around for an unoccupied space! If I can get that paper ENTIRELY done by tomorrow, I’ll relax Saturday night and then finish up more of my work for Writing the Essay, as well as study for Spanish.

I can do this, its manageable if I don’t procrastinate! Sleeping’s not really a priority this month anyway, so I should be fine. I want probably around four or so hours a night, so we’ll see how it goes.

And I know blog posts are supposed to be witty, but I’m my only reader!

Writing is actually very relaxing once I begin, and once I’m focused, I don’t need very long to produce writing which, though unpolished, is a very strong start. Edited, I rarely find the need to change large amounts of it anyway, so the writing of the paper isn’t what I’m worried about at all!

In other news, I’ll be staying in Texas for four days, and will spend my New Years there! It’s pretty pathetic actually, that by the end of this year, I’ll have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in New Jersey, and New Years Eve + Day in Texas.

Oh, where do I live?

New York City.

As Luna would say, that is ‘sadface’ indeed. Actually, my entire floor’s caught on now! Even Christine, my new roommate as of 2ish weeks ago, knows of the term. Speaking of Christine, she’s absolutely ADORABLE! We all get along so much better than Luna and I did with my old roommate; we actually spend time together. And we can study in our own room at night and be comfortable…the tension’s gone, and I love it.

Boring news aside, I felt like it was about time I updated my journal when there wasn’t a drastically stressful event taking place…this is mainly just to prove that I can.

So take that, Nabila!


2 thoughts on “Leviathan.

  1. Hey, what do you mean “I’m my only reader” I read this too! I just don’t usually comment LOL
    But you seem to know this cuz you mentioned me at the end…
    *thumbs up* good job updating, I don’t have anything over you so I can’t really bother you about your livejournal since mine’s kinda dead XD
    Why’re you going to Texas? That’s really cool!!
    And new roommate?
    So much stuff happened..!
    I think it’s really cool that you’re going to Texas, even though you wanna spend a holiday at home..aww. I want to go to Texas sometime..Take me with next time XD

    • Pffft, come with me THIS time…I have my own hotel room 😀 You just kinda have to book a flight and have your parents allow you to go to Texas for four days with me during New Years (Dec. 29 to Jan. 1)
      ALSO I was hoping mentioning you would bring you to comment ❤ It did! Ily.

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