Who says dungeons don’t have heating and wi-fi nowadays?

…Not that the heating helps anyway; I’m still freezing!

As my one and only reader knows, my grandfather passed away a week ago, last Saturday, early in the morning. I was actually in New Jersey at that time, and because we hadn’t expected his health to take such a quick downward spiral, we were informed of his death and rushed to the hospital in time to see his body and pay our respects one last time before he was ushered away into the funeral home.

I was very grieved, as was the rest of my family. Although he was definitely not young, he had been healthy up until his hospitalization, and even then, had been recovering so diligently that the doctor had even mentioned he’d be out of there in a few days. And then suddenly, I got this news. And it was devastating.

We cried for days, all of us. And I guess this was just too painful to write about until now, or maybe this is just another mode to vent when its “late” at night (yes, 11:45 is late at night back home, away from college) and everybody’s asleep. Except for friends in different timezones, and who says I want to depress them with my ironically soap opera-esque life right now.

But where’s the dungeon?

Well, the dungeon’s actually my uncle’s house. And no, it isn’t run by a mean ogre or any of that fairytale nonsense…it’s just a prison made of sadness. Everybody here is cautious, afraid to smile, and afraid to have too much fun. My grandfather wouldn’t haev wanted the inside of his house to be a morgue, so why must we be so careful all the time? I’m getting tired of walking around on tippytoes all the time.

And I mean that quite literally.

Meeting up with my cousins every now and then is fine, but living with them is an entirely different situation. They can be quite aggravating sometimes…I guess I’m just not used to their blunt teasing?

And they get annoyed at how late I wake up. HEY, after being an insomniac all throughout my first semester of college, they should be glad I’m getting any sleep at all! And it’s no fun being the only one awake at midnight with nothing but a laptop to keep one company. I miss my friends, and I miss having a social life! Midnight’s when we all began to chill and hang out, you know what I mean? Midnight’s when the parties BEGAN at NYU. And here, the party’s dead after 10pm.

My laptop’s running a bit low on battery, and I have no charger, so I must bid you farewell.

For now.


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