Arranged Disaster – Part 6 {{Dowry}}

The father hesitated before bringing up this dreaded topic. He had to be crafty and subtle while gathering the following information. One misstep and the marriage would fall apart. He questioned, casually, what type of cars they owned. The dreaded response, just as expected: “We own a Maruti, but our son…he needs a new car. We were thinking of buying him one of those new fashionable ones – a convertible, perhaps.”

Part one of the dowry. A car. A convertible one at that. Well, this, at least, was in investment. His daughter too would be able to ride in it with him. She’d live a lavish lifestyle once he married her off. She would live a happy life.

He had three younger sisters, this potential man. Part two of the dowry: Expensive jewelry, clothing, accessories, handbags, and perfume for the three girls.

His next question: “Where will they live after their marriage?” Response: “Why, with us, of course,” Inwardly, the father breathed a sigh of relief. He would not have to worry too much about house furnishings. “…unless they choose to move out to a flat of their own. We would wholeheartedly agree to it. We’re not old-fashioned like that. But why don’t we let the children speak to one another first. We’ll see what they want to do afterwards.”


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