NYU – Major & Minor Requirements

This is just a reference guide for myself really 🙂

CAS Morse Academic Plan – Core Classes
[X] Writing The Essay Fall 2009
[X] Conversations of the West Fall 2009
[X] World Cultures Spring 2010
[ ] Foreign Language (Up to the Intermediate II level)

[X] Spanish 2 Fall 2009
[X] Spanish 3 Spring 2010
[ ] Spanish 4 Projected Fall 2010
[X] Course in the social sciences English major overrides

[X] Course in the arts (Expressive Culture) English major overrides
[ ] Quantitative Reasoning

[ ] Quantitative Methods in Political Science (V53.0800)

Major – English (10 courses/40 credits)
[X] Literary Interpretation (V41.0200) Spring 2010
[ ] British Literature I (V41.0210) Projected Fall 2010
[ ] British Literature II (V41.0220)
[ ] American Literature I (V41.0230) Projected Fall 2010
[ ] Theory of Drama (V41.0130)
[ ] Arthurian Legends ((V41.0717)
[ ] Senior Seminar – Dramatic Literature (V41.0971)
[ ] Dante & His World (V41.0143)
[ ] The Theory of the Avant-Garde, East and West (V41.0730)
[ ] Introduction to Old English Language and Literature (V41.0315)

Minor – Creative Writing (4 courses/16 credits)
[X] Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction and Poetry (V39.0815) Spring 2010
[ ] Writers in Paris: Fiction or Poetry (V39.9818) (8 credit intensive)
[ ] Advanced Fiction Workshop (V39.0820)

Minor – Politics (5 courses/20 credits)
[ ] Quantitative Methods in Political Science (V53.0800)
[ ] Power and Politics in America (V53.0300)
[ ] Business and American Foreign Policy (V53.0736) pre-req: V53.0300
[ ] Political Parties (V53.0340) pre-req: V53.0300
[ ] The Politics of Administrative Law (V53.0354) Projected Fall 2010

On that note, I absolutely HATE my CAS advisor. Not only does she not know shit, but the (absolutely useless) seminar she encouraged that I take last semester, though it boosted by GPA, made no dent in my required courses. She knew I had enough AP credits to cover my electives, and should only be taking classes toward my major/minors, but instead of telling me to take another course in political science my first semester, she told me to take that seminar. And then this semester, I could have taken British Literature or American Literature (I) conjointly with my Literary Interpretation class, an option she didn’t even tell me. Further, she told me (essentially) that I would do bad if I took both literary interpretation and creative writing in the same semester. Instead, the classes are so different (and don’t have as heavy a workload as she implied), and I’m slated for A’s in both (hopefully)

So basically, NYU advisors suck, just know your own shit tyvm. Now I’m going to cram and finish all of those classes by spring 2012. Just you guys wait and watch.

But thanks to idiot counselors who don’t know what it means to be helpful to freshmen, I’ll graduate with 132 credits instead of the 128 needed. One extra class, all for naught.

Hmmph. I’d do a better job as advisor than half of their current staff.


Trust me, I know my shit.

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