Creative Writing – Of the Poetry Kind

Hi! So the second half of my Creative Writing Class focuses on Poetry – as you can see by my first poem prompt (an imitation of The Red Wheelbarrow)

However, I am a pretty skeptical person when it comes to poetry. I’ve tried my hardest to appreciate it, but where my peers are able to find obscure (and personal) meanings to the poetry they need, I simply cannot jump to those connections. I find myself annoyed just listening to other interpretations of a piece, and to me, each link made between the lines of the poem and the (uneducated) guesses at their meaning is ludicrous, unreasonable, and not right. Nobody can get into an author’s head deep enough to accurately understand a poem. At least with short stories, we are given more…meat to process. There is more to digest, and because of that, we are less likely to choke.

Bad puns aside though, poetry, to me, is meant to be admired for its condensed aesthetics. Poetry lets me fly into the world of unrealistic idealism. If I were to, let’s say, write the poem below, I would find myself soaring into new heights along with the writing. Poetry is a shortcut – my personal portal to instant happiness. I don’t want the words I have written to be broken apart, analyzed, and cut open. I don’t want my lines to be switched around, or analyzed for their individual content. My lines are not meant to be understood apart from each other. They flow from my heart as one. I do not think, when I am writing, that using the word "fly" instead of "soar" will really dig into the issues society is facing today. NO. That’s not poetry. That’s calculated politics.

She soars into the rain,
She flies into a prism,
A rainbow of thoughts – of subdued
Shades, tones, hues – magentas
And oranges; yellows and greens and
Blues, mixing together into beauteous wonder.
They are an escape, her favorite
Mode of relaxation. They are beautiful
And wonderful and paint pictures of her future.

PS. Yes, I did just write the above. For fun. Not to be criticized and told about its faults. I do not need to know how to make it better. To me, real poetry comes from the heart. Unrefined speech, raw and straight from our core. 

That is poetry. It must move its writer and detach itself from readers – they are of no concern. Nor are their judgments, criticisms, or praise. They do not matter.


One thought on “Creative Writing – Of the Poetry Kind

  1. You have a certain fascination with the sky don’t you? Clouds and dreams. That poem was beautiful and you really are developing into one of my favorite artists. Yes. Artist. Not writer.

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