On Boys and Toys

So guys are pretty confusing, correct? Most that like you are creeps, and the ones you’re after are completely unattainable, and probably perfect in every way. Or so you think. And then that one boy you meet, you fall utterly and completely and hopelessly for, only to realize that it’s not possible. It will never be possible. And it’s not even because he doesn’t like you. Because he DOES. And you both know it. Too bad he’s just too goddamn far for a relationship to be a tangible idea. Too bad he’s just too far for you to see whenever you want. Too bad he doesn’t go to college in the same state as you. Too bad he’s in a different country right now. Too bad you’re too impatient to see if his path in life will bring him back to New York. Too bad you know you won’t be leaving the US.

Too freaking bad.

It’s not that I’m desperate to hook up with anybody, because I’m definitely not, but at the same time, it would definitely be REALLY nice to know that somebody here loves me? Just a little bit? Yes, I want to feel the love! And cuddle. And just have somebody I can randomly hug and such.