Poetry Prompt 4 + Weekend HW List

Weekend Homework
[X] Spanish – Do assignments due Monday/Tuesday
[X] Creative Writing – Letters to Justin + Angela
[X] Creative Writing – Poetry Prompt – Due Tuesday
[ ] Literary Interpretation – Finish draft of essay (atleast)
[ ] World Cultures – Quiz #3 (250 word response to article]
[X] World Cultures – Post 2 comments via BB – On Maize and Grace
[X] Redesign Schedule for Fall 2010

Here’s my next poetry prompt! This one’s due for my next creative writing craft class (aka Tuesday}

Hiya Team,

Here’s the poem prompt for Tuesday:

It’s two distinct, simple steps, and, if possible, the first step should be done without the second in mind.

1. Make a list of either: 5 words you LOVE, or, 5 words you HATE — BASE THIS ON SOUND, NOT MEANING (as much as you can)

2. Write a poem that uses all 5 words from your list,
AND makes use of each of these techniques at least once:

And below, my response! My five words were: parchment, spark, vibrant, feeble, wisp

Paper, Rekindled
Mere wisps, drying dreams on parchment
They floated on by me, unraveled and then quickly forgotten
I caught one between my fingers, it gave a feeble flutter
Dying dreams, burst bubbles of the once vibrant

Essence evaporates quickly
Hollow promises are left in its wake
Where once there was a life,
There is now simply an exchange of words

Words on paper
Seared, shriveled, sunken in
Fragmented, ripped to shreds and then
Combined again

Through the blue sky, these dreams are
Bestrewn carelessly, like so many twinkling jewels
Scattered in the sky. Break through to one of them
And coax from within a single soul spark


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