Creative Writing – Alexander Chee Reading

I was left breathless, amazed, and extremely regretful that I had not given up my inhibitions and done it sooner.

Last night, I arrived at the (tastefully decorated) Lillian Vermon Creative Writer’s House at approximately 6:53. I took a chair (close to the front) of the living room turned auditorium, and waited in anticipation for the guest of the night.

Alexander Chee.

And actually, I was not that much waiting in anticipation either. This was a mandatory assignment, and while waiting for Mr. Alexander Chee to enter the Writer’s House and begin, I was impatiently texting Musaub about how boring this was going to be, and playing impatient rounds of Brickbreaker in between texts. I was irritated for having to even come to this reading, because I had movie plans right after that I would much rather have been preparing for. But more on that disaster of a movie night some other time.

Okay actually, I have to write up a piece about this reading for my creative writing class as well. I will go work on that first, and then post that up here before continuing my livejournal entry about his reading. (Just because those are two different styles of writing, you see)


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