Celestial Bodies

This is my second poetry submission for Creative Writing class. It will be workshopped! I actually like it a lot more than I liked my first submission…it is written in a style that is more natural to me than the first one was. It is true to how I perceive things!

Highlighting the road to reason
In space, the cheery bonfires –
Giant pockets of gas – twinkle,
Earth’s cheery little stars.
They explode, they collapse
Upon each other – that is when there is
Hollowness in our breasts, as
Their glimmer dims little by little and

All emotion is sucked inward.
With gaps in our brain’s processing chips,
We skip and hop a little to
Learn loopholes. We
Look for other roads –
Other rays of precious starlight
We look desperately for
Another lightbulb

To brighten life’s problems.
We look for a supernova:
Daytime even when nature
Tells us to sleep and rest;
Staying awake unnaturally,
Fighting what should be –
Fighting for desires yet unfulfilled
A singular knife to slice through.

Perpetual dark film over our eyes
Ambition must overcome
Convention. Machine must overcome
Nature, And nature must persevere –
Defeat the stabbing knives
Calculating brains
And hazardous lightbulbs
Glow brightly on even
When the stars have failed

Thoughts? Leave me a comment!


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