We went over the material being covered in my final Spanish exam (before the Spanish Final on May 5), and I’m not prepared. I have to do REALLY well on this test! MY ENTIRE GRADE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!!!!

Oh fuck. I’m going back to studying now. I just…sometimes, I really wish I’d taken that Hindi placement exam and avoided the hassle of foreign languages entirely.

Also, I just received some GREAT news. My first choice residence hall for next year is all closed up. My second choice…the only low-cost options left are 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom suites….with eight people. EIGHT PEOPLE! Do you understand the amount of drama there would be in living in that style of housing? For an entire year? No thank you!

Third choice it is then. Hello, Lafayette T_T Atleast I’ll have the same RA, hmm? He’s RA’ing the 9th floor, and it’ll definitely be nice to have people I know there.

But still. It’s so far! And I’m NOT happy with how our roommate setup turned out either. Not happy at all. Nope, Pryanka is not pleased.


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