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Literary Interpretation
Final paper due May 7, 12pm

Dear Class,
In case you would like to begin thinking of final papers on this rainy Sunday, topics are below. I will be discussing this in class on Monday.

Final Paper: Due May 7th 12PM in Prof. Gajarawala’s box
• 7-8 pages
• MLA guidelines
• Must be proofread
• Should provide an original analysis of said literary text
• Should have an incisive and compelling argument

Final Paper Topics

1. Agha Shahid Ali’s poetry, particularly in The Half Inch Himalayas, is a meditation on exile, longing, loss and nostalgia. Trace this theme through three poems, using the techniques of close reading. Pay special attention to imagery, metaphor, diction etc. You may choose to follow one particular image or word through the poems (maps, or writing, for example); you may choose to concentrate on a certain technique. How does each poem do what it does

World Cultures: Africa
Final Papers due May 6, 5pm

Final Paper – Pick 2 of 5 prompts; 750-800 words per paper; cite your sources; online submission

2. Last week, an international conference titled "agriculture is key to the stability and real economic growth of the african continent" was held in South Africa. What does this statement mean — why is agriculture so important? Make reference to atleast three of the following: environment, food security, and productivity, population, and foreign aid

5. In the Western World, african performing and visual arts have often been characterized as "primitive and simplistic". How would you respond to that perception? In what sense are the African arts (including music) for art’s sake as well as for life’s sake? To what extent are the arts purposeful within economics, religious, social, and political contexts?


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