Scraps – Glimmer

I’m posting a bunch of story scraps over here, although I might move them over to a private journal later. These are just bits of writing – essentially scraps – that I may or may not use later on. Some might even be complete short shorts, but just not stories I know enough about to stand by. Characters that just don’t quite feel right or complete yet. Things like that. So enjoy for now? Until I find a better journaling method without having to create my own separate blog entirely.

There was a glimmer in the air – it shined and glittered and bounced off of reflective surfaces so fast you couldn’t quite catch it. That was, of course, my job today. I had to catch the glimmer.

But glimmers were devious creatures of light, and hated the tame creatures around them. They were themselves fvery elusive, and looked disgustedly upon the lower species who had not their astounding capabilities. A glimmer was loyal. I wanted one. I even had the perfect name for it. I wasn’t going to be cliché and name it "Hope," that’s for sure. There were too many of them, I didn’t want mine to get lost. Love, Prosperity, Fame, Wealth – they were all too common. No, I wanted a glimmer named Effervescence. I had to catch one first though, and the tiny glimmers, the unnamed ones, they were very very hard to catch. And then there was the training and taming process, of course. But before I did all that, I had to just catch myself a baby glimmer.

The fields – Sparkle Fields, in fact (the colonists were not the most imaginative) – were glowing, and I knew there were plenty of glimmers to choose from here, at any given point. Not too many were given the chance to even be in these fields. But that’s a story for later, right now, i just wanted that glimmer.

I tried every trick in the book. I tried peanut butter, I tried mousetraps, I tried sticky tape, I tried double-sided sticky tape, I tried transparent post-its, and I even tried the "dim ray" – guaranteed to confuse glimmers for just long enough for them to be captured. But nothing was working, and my time was almost up. I saw the glimmers dancing around me, just out of reach. They sure knew how to tease. I jumped up, tried to catch one. Failed. I swung my arms about, cupping them together very quickly, hoping to feel the beat of a mini-me inside. You see, once one of them was captured in my presence, it became mine. I just had to make it obey.

I never actually told you why I wanted to name my glimmer effervescence, did I? I’m sorry, I promise I’ll get back to that. I’ll even make a checklist for myself so I don’t lose track.

1. Why I want a glimmer named effervescence
2. Why I was in Sparkle Fields
3. Why Sparkle Fields was called Sparkle Fields
4. Who were the colonists.
5. Why this all sounds so strange and unnatural.

Okay then, I’ll cover those things – I promise.


2 thoughts on “Scraps – Glimmer

  1. Hearts and Overdue Hugs
    I would have never thought of writing about a glimmer. You always know how to makee the simple things in life so much more important than normal people would think of them as. Your the best writer that I’m proid to call family.

    • Re: Hearts and Overdue Hugs
      Aww thank you 🙂 Right, my scraps are just ideas or pieces of writing I came up with, but have no idea how to flesh out into whole stories. (that, or they’d involve long novels, maybe even a series or a trilogy or something)

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