Bet I – Chapter 3

Bet I  Chapter Three  The Obligatory Pre-Party Chapter

 “What’s up babydoll?”

Kevin was definitely cute, Katie decided as she stared into his hazel eyes. She couldn’t help but feel lucky that he loved her so much. And he was everything she’d ever wanted in a boyfriend. He was caring and considerate. He didn’t force her into anything, but was there for her whenever she needed him. He loved spending hours on the phone or on Skype with her, and she was beginning to get really comfortable with him.

“Hmm, not much. I’m actually eating right now, what about you?” she said.

“I’m just doing this, -“ he said. After a moment’s pause, he leaned down and kissed her cheek again. He was never the type of guy who smothered your face and made out with you in public when you were simultaneously eating with your best friend. She mentally thanked herself for falling for a chivalrous guy as she smiled and continued to eat.

It was Friday, and they both had class at 2PM…their last classes of the day. The three finished up their lunches quickly when Kevin announced that it was 1:30 already. Alyssa and Kaylie speedwalked out of the cafeteria and ran out into the street. They were greeted by a blast of cold air and tightened their scarves. They waited for Kevin to catch up to them and walked down University Place toward Washington Square Park. Kaylie and Kevin had class in the Silver Building so they crossed the street with Alyssa and waved bye while she went ahead a few blocks toward West 4th Street. She was studying in the Stern School of Business and most of her classes were held in a building called Tisch Hall, located on West 4th Street.

Kevin and Kaylie walked into Silver holding hands, flashed their ID cards to the guards, who nodded and let them through, and stood in line for the Waverly elevators. You see, the “Silver Center for the Arts and Sciences” was made up of three different buildings that had been gutted and then mushed together internally into one large conglomerate. The Brown Building was actually the location where the famous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory had been located. Well, now, those very same floors were used to conduct chemistry and biology lab experiments. The Waverly Building was the smallest but always had the shortest elevator lines – which is why Kaylie had automatically steered them in its direction once they entered the lobby. The third building was just called Main Building.

Hey, who said NYU couldn’t be practical sometimes?

The building had decades of history as NYU itself continued to change, expand, and retract. It had housed “Washington Square College,” NYU’s liberal arts college, until it shut down the Bronx campus and restructured its Washington Park buildings. Oh and what NYU building can be named without a donor? This one was named in honor of an alum who had donated $150 million dollars to the university.

Oh, the revolver and the telegraph were invented in that very building. In 1840, the first photograph in the United States was taken in this building. Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, and Walt Whitman have lived, taught, and privately lectured there.

Insane, isn’t it? But all Kaylie was worried about was making it to her 7th floor Con West lecture on time. And Kevin was just psyched about the party later that night.

They parted ways in the elevator as Kevin continued up to his Orgo lab. It wasn’t until 2:30 but he had some pre-lab prep work to finish up with his lab partner first.

Class went by uneventfully for Kaylie, and she walked out promptly at 3:30 and headed out of the building, glad she was done for the weekend and ready to relax. She had to pick up some cups and a chaser or two for the party later that night. It’s a good thing she could use the NYU shuttle to get back to her residence building, because there was no way she would have walked into Chinatown with all the groceries otherwise. And Kevin lived too far away from her; he took a different shuttle route entirely and she hated to have him go out of his way just to help her carry a few things. She texted him quickly – “Hey Kev, I just got outta class. Gonna pick up mixers & prep jello for the shots ur helping me make later. Cya soon!” She walked first to a local Gristede and picked up everything she would need for tonight. She knew her friends would probably pitch in for the supplies later, or Kevin would find some way to buy her dinner; it was his way of paying her back, no matter how much she protested.

Back in her dorm room, she put down all of her groceries and jumped into her bed. It had been a long day, and it was still too early to start cleaning up. Her roommate was visiting a friend of hers for the weekend, so she had the huge room all to herself. The peace and quiet would be nice! As much as she loved her roommate, alone time during college was rare to come by, so she enjoyed it when she could. She put the chasers in the fridge, put away the snacks she’d bought into a cabinet for later, and went to take a nap. Kevin would be in his chemistry lab until seven, so she had the next five hours all to herself. She put some music on and studied for an hour.

After a 1.5 hour nap, she got up to clean the room up a bit. She had just finished showering when Kevin knocked on the door. She threw on a bathrobe and ran over to answer the door. She’d lost track of the time and spent far too long in the bath. She peeked out and saw, with a sigh of relief, that it was just Kevin. She opened the door for him, blushing in her little pink bathrobe. He raised an eyebrow and gathered her into his arms, whispering to her just how delicious she smelled and looked there.

"Somebody looks cute today. How come I don’t see you wear this out more often Kaylie?”

She looked stricken with embarrassment and ran over to her closet to grab the first outfit she could find, taking it with her to the closet.

“I was just kidding babydoll, I got out of lab early today and didn’t wanna txt you in case you were napping,” he yelled out after her retreating figure.

She shut the bathroom door behind her and changed quickly, upset that she hadn’t been ready on time to avoid this situation. She looked down at her outfit in dismay – it was skimpy. No matter, it would have to do for now. She walked out in her denim shorts and white tanktop to grab some of her favorite layering necklaces and her small diamond studs. Kevin had bought her those diamond earrings their one month anniversary, and she knew that he wasn’t poor, but still, the earrings must have taken a while to save for.

She came out and sat down on the bed with him, closing her eyes and enjoying his touch as his hands slid around her waist to cuddle her next to him. She mumbled a “how was class” softly; she didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“Pretty good. Devon did most of the work, as usual. It’s not even like I don’t know how to…he’s just obsessive over his lab reports. Doesn’t let me even touch the experiments sometimes,” Kevin replied. “Your hair seriously smells good Kaylie.”

“Shhh,” she said as she blushed once more. She untangled herself from his arms and turned around, tipping her face up and leaning in closer to him. They kissed gently; the kiss wasn’t a response to overwhelming love or lust, it was just a kiss because they could. “Just because,” was Kevin’s favorite answer every time he kissed her randomly. He was completely smitten.

Eventually, they got up to prep the jello shots and let them start setting in the fridge. Kaylie’s phone buzzed, and Alyssa’s text popped up – “On my way ova, cya in a minute!”

She told Kevin that Alyssa was heading upstairs now and went to prop the door open. It was going to be an awesome night.

Abbreviations you might not know –
Con West – Conversations of the West – One of the core MAP classes for CAS Students
MAP – Morse Academic Plan Named after Samuel Morse, this plan comprises all of the core classes to obtain a Liberal Arts degree at the University. All students in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete their MAP courses to graduate
Orgo – Organic Chemistry – Fond abbreviation given by sophomores to their ridiculously tough Organic Chemistry class


One thought on “Bet I – Chapter 3

  1. hahaha you snuck in so much history into there. I didn’t know any of those facts, and I probably won’t remember them either…I like how the first photograph was taken there though! That’s pretty cool 😀
    That was cute! Kaylie is lucky she has such a good boyfriend actually. Hmmm But then Aaron will complicate things…At least Kaylie/Kevin are on equal levels but Aaron thinks he’s better than her? hmmhmmmm
    hahaha so funny, she’s worried about wearing something skimpy. Gosh so modest with her bf…I’m getting sleepy so I am going to end my comment here but I really like this so far! It’s like a drama! Keep it up 😀

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