Poem – Mirror Me

I tilt my head,
Squint a little with my eyes,
And look ahead in frustration.
My world is never in focus.

I gaze into my mirror,
Peer directly into it,
Standing not more than two feet away.
I can barely make out my own reflection.

I wipe away a teardrop,
But I want to cry more when I 
See the soft outlines of my face,
And cannot make out that tear.

Mirror me is wearing a solid green shirt.
At least I can make out colors normally,
I think, but then I look down and remember
That I can’t even see the darker green stripes in the mirror.

I have a giant poster up on the wall,
Hung up to reflect directly into my mirror.
I like illusions of a grander room, but
Today, the jumbled black lettering just taunts me even more.

I hate my eyes,
I want to claw them out and 
Rid myself of their inept, inefficient, sight.
I want to cry and cry until I can see properly again.

I want to cry.
I want to escape my own eyes,
My own destiny of near blindness
Haunts me day and night.

6 thoughts on “Poem – Mirror Me

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  2. I find this poem kinda cute!
    “Mirror Me” is catchy, those two words. You’re really getting into consonance, huh?
    Unfortunately I know how that feels..I’m blinder than you anyway~
    I can’t see anything without my glasses…I think it’s an interesting perspective that you’re looking at yourself in the mirror rather than the room around you and you based your poem on that..I don’t think i can even make out my eyes when I look at myself in the mirror, two feet away (can I even see anything that far away? :/)
    “My world is never in focus”
    I like that line a lot…Because I think you can take it literally and also in a different way..Like Confusion or regret or loss or something like that…
    But maybe that’s just the mood I’m in.
    I like how your poems make me feel or relate in a certain way. Great start to Poem Paradise!

    • Wahh there is a great big omment and I didn’t reply to it…wth happened? We probably talked bout it on some other social media platform so I didn’t comment here. I’m not sure what happened, but thank you so much!

      You may be as blind as me, number wise, BUT I HAVE MULTIPLE IMAGES so there. Ha.

      • I can has multiple images too! If I use pinhole glasses XD I think what probably happened is that it didn’t transfer well because it was from lj though. I bet you did respond back hahaha

        But yeah with the pinhole glasses it sort of gives me a headache after a while. I have to get used to it. But when I put it on I thought of your ordeal 😦

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