Poem – The Good Faerie

A delicate faerie
Of transparently flimsy wings
That sprinkle little particles of magic
and joy to the world.

Flitting over flowers,
Enjoying their nectar,
Reveling in their heavenly scent,
The Faerie drifts into children’s dreams
and fills them with promises of
Second chances, hope, and sometimes, even
An occasional glimpse of ethereal and
Mesmerizing beauty.

The good faerie, she is,
and she allows them to
Portray their visions of her
In their storybooks and their
Childhood fantasies.


One thought on “Poem – The Good Faerie

  1. Wow this is so different from the poem I just read about the vicious faerie. I like the parallel between the two! I think it’s interesting how the bad one is male and the good one is female.
    The word choice you chose here sound so wonderful. “Ethereal and mesmerizing beauty” “drifts into dreams” “heavenly scent”
    But at the same time I get the sense that she’s really weak. “Flimsy wings” “delicate”
    It’s like happiness is easily crushed.
    And I think she was crushed in the other poem.

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