Poem – The Vicious Faerie

Scraggly and Scrawny
With a taste for deceit
Sceptre in hand
Blood trailing from his feet
The Faerie walks and
Everywhere around it sprouts
Fresh death and carnage
Epic destruction

Veiled in secrecy shadow and myth
The true Faerie
The vile Faerie kills
He is supple and lithe

Havoc and merrily full of ruthless tricks
He is the Pip of Shakespearean times
The vicious Faerie he is
And he is a relentless hunter
An outstanding marksmen
He always gets his way


One thought on “Poem – The Vicious Faerie

  1. Is..that really a faerie? LOL
    There’s so much imagery here. “Blood trailing from his feet”
    Such a horrible faerie..’Cuz I was thinking of tinkerbell..or thumbelina, or..something.
    I like violence though. *thumbs up*

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