Theme Seven Response II – Comments + Poem

I want to start clean,

I want to start fresh

I want to break free,

I want to escape this mess.


I never wanted to leave,

I always wanted you here,

I wanted you right by my side,

Just you and I


But what can I say, I got scared

I saw you become pretty, sexy

Drop-dead gorgeous, but I was still

Just plain old me – a boring and simple guy.


I didn’t know you liked me, I thought

We were just friends. I didn’t know you

Saw me the same way. I never saw a

Tell-tale spark in your eye


Like I know there was in mine.

Everytime I bent down to whisper in your

Ear, I wished there would be a time

You might beg me to whisper of Romance


You were ready to start relationships,

But I held back afraid. You would

Never want me, and I just wanted you more and more

Every single day.


So I had no choice, I had to leave.

Leave you alone and take my heartache away.

Rid you of my thoughts, and my thoughts of you

I had to leave, don’t you see? I needed to chase my heartache away.


I entered a period of depression,

My mind was yelling at me, raising

Such a racket at my abandonment. My

Conscious spoke to me, you know, and I knew I was wrong.


But what could I do? I wanted to do right

By your eyes, but I knew that “Just you and I”

Was a thing of my dreams – a fragment of my

Imagination, and that is all that it would ever be.


I left you but I still want you.

Crave you and I still need you.

I still want you by my side,

I still pray for you and I.


Please tell me you’ll give me one more chance?

One more time to prove that I can change.

I can gain that confidence, rid myself

Of those fears, and earn your love and trust again.


Please give me just one dance – senior prom

In High School was many years ago, and

Though I didn’t know I would lose you then,

I know now, and I miss your companionship the most.


I want you, I want us.

I want just you and I.

I want paradise, I want ecstasy,

And I want you to be the one who brings It to me.


So will you give me that chance,

Will you plunge into our friendship

Once more? Will you let me

Steal kisses every now and then?


Will you allow me your deepest secrets

Once more? I’ll tell you all of mine

Save for one – The one in which

I love you still, love you forevermore.

****I’ve fallen tragically behind in all of my Project Theme updates. I realize this and feel terribly sorry that this has happened. As it is, real life and work are taking its toll, and often I find myself spending my measly bits of spare time watching TV, catching up on sleep, or otherwise goofing off because i can’t do that all day. However, I have finished this along with most of my Theme 6 entry. Theme 8’s entry is due by Monday night and I’m hoping that I can be fully caught up by then?

My music inspiration for my main entry + the reason for writing the above  poem was this song, [] (Swing Life Away) by Rise Against. I’ve always been a huge fan of the lyrics from "Rise Against"s albums but personally do not enjoy the way they sing their songs. That being said, this song is one of the few that grew on me and got to keep its spont on my iTunes playlist.

I’ll be all caught up soon and I hope I haven’t irritated you guys to death these past few weeks by my lack of punctual updates! At least Poetry Paradise hasn’t suffered yet 😛


One thought on “Theme Seven Response II – Comments + Poem

  1. Yeahhh!!! Mike’s point of view! It’s like you wrote this poem and story just for meeee (probably thinks too highly of himself)
    It’s like you got into his head and wrote the poem…*still can’t do that* And I’m jealous of you’re perfect rhyming too..How do you come up with that stuff?!
    I like how it offers even more insight to his character than the story..Like how he was scared that she became so beautiful and he was the same, so he ran away..I guess I understand him a bit more. But I feel bad for Kelly. He’s not the greatest best friend there ever was..And I like how there are questions scattered throughout. Pretty good poem!! It really connects to the story. Two thumbs up!

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