Poem – Sometimes I’m Weird

Kaboom, shabam,

She moves to the jam.

Boom, bam,

Whizz, whazam


Sweep that floor,

Sweep me away.

Open that door,

Blow me away.


Buzz, achoo,

Tread that water.

Ahhh, Boo

You’re a sea-otter.


Know where I’m going with this/

I don’t either.

Sea-otters are cool though

And you’re an ugly wife-beater.


But go back to the jam now,

Back to the dance.

What are you listening to?

Go on, go ahead,

Go on and take a bow.


Oh, you like Rihanna too?


3 thoughts on “Poem – Sometimes I’m Weird

  1. I loved this! XD You may say you don’t know what you were doing, but I love the mystique behind it. And onomatopoeia! Brilliant! It’s so hard to combine with a poem, but its such an interesting effect/affect? (I’m not really sure which one, always was confused with the two) Very unusual, but brilliant all the same! This piece hints at something very intricate, and yet its so simple! Ha. I love it!

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