Poem – Creation

Soar upwards,
Deeper and deeper into the skies.
Jump around in the clouds,
Jump from one to the next to the next.

Go on, unfold your wings,
Let your imagination lead you
Into your fantasies. Lose yourself
In those temporary realities.

Revel in glittering dimensions,
Blazing colors, strands and ribbons
Of cerulean bliss. Travel through,
Above and beyond your limitations.

Break through the repetitive words,
Stop using the same rhymes,
The same surface glamour.
Don’t be afraid to step over personal boundaries tonight.

Shimmering strands of creation wait
Within. Embrace them and


2 thoughts on “Poem – Creation

  1. I love this piece. Really trully love it. It is quite magical, beautifully constructed and elegently worded (as most of your poetry is). I love the emotions and imagery, the adventure you put your reader on. And than the underlying metaphor! Ha. You almost had me fooled there! It took me a moment to realize what you were really talking about! Which is great because it can be about a number of things! I love how you’re challenging yourself, and you’re using it in your piece. It reminds me of how I’m having such a hard time finding unique things to say in my comments… ha! I love it. Good job. You deserve a cookie.

    • I remember just having a tough time with writer’s block & poetry paradise when i wrote this, so the challenge in the piece was one I gave myself that day because I HAD to write something, and I had to write something I could be proud of.
      I have to say though, I really loved this poem as well…I’m even using it in a user lookup I’m making on Neopets

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