Theme Thirteen – An Adventure

Theme Thirteen (PRYANKA): This will be a story of adventure, bravado, courage, determination, strength (or sheer luck), and fun. You must create a "main" character who you will then send on a journey. The journey should be a physically arduous one. Write a story where the focus isn’t tragedy or drama, but the sheer fun of going on an adventure.

Restrictions: The adventure must physically take place, it cannot simply be a dream, a fantasy, or an adventure of the imagination. No poetry. No sad endings.  No length requirements either.

Deadline: Monday, August 16 @ 11:59 PM

Penalty: For not completing this theme on time, you must go back and complete a punishment created for one of the previous themes that never had a chance to be implemented. To make things easier, the following themes were completed on time by all members. Their respective punishments went unused, so you will have the choice to complete one of them. Deadline for the penalty will remain the last day of Project Theme (Monday, August 23).

Themes with unused punishments:  theme1, theme3theme10theme12

If I missed one but you know that nobody was given that punishment, you can go ahead & use it, just let me know so I can update this post.

Project Theme
Every week, Nabila or myself (Or maybe Melissa or Albert) will post a theme upon which members of Project Theme must write an entry. Theme creation will be alternated between the both of us, and all participants are required to respond to the theme in a timely manner. The deadline will always be exactly seven (7) days after the theme is posted, but the restrictions and penalties are to be created at our discretion. "

 Note: All incomplete penalties must be posted by Monday, August 23, 2010. That is also the last day of Project Theme for this summer!

Congratulations guys, it was an amazing summer in terms of my writing – I’ve produced a lot of creative work that I’m proud of, and I’m really happy that these fifteen weeks of Project Theme will be remembered. It’s a long time to be so dedicated to an online optional obligation over the summer, so thank you guys for not giving up!

The four of us have pretty much come to a consensus on how to run Theme Fifteen I believe….we’ll all talk on AIM sometime this weekend hopefully and deliberate over what we want to do specifically.

Theme Twelve – The Taste of Frustration

 When I was a young child, 
Somebody placed something delicious
In my mouth

Mommy’s lips tickled the
Very tip of my ears and she

I sat there wondering at the
Sweet and heavy nectar,
The sweet dew that was in my

Mommy thought I couldn’t hear her
And she raised my small hand to the
Tears rolling down her

Then I bit down, the soft
Fruit she called mango, 
Enveloping my tongue 

It was so sweet, so refreshingly
Cool, I told her I liked it,
Even more than 

She fed me small pieces, put
Some on a plate, and leaned in
Really close, her breath tickling my

There’s some on your plate,
I want you to feel it,
Bring it to your lips, and then

It was slippery and I cried,
Wiped my face with my mango hands
Brought them to my face and tasted

I laughed, the salt and sweet
Mixed, and I told mommy I didn’t like
The taste of

She told me to kept trying,
I felt her hands, a steady 
Presence on my

I tried again and again,
For almost thirty minutes.
I heard the clock continue to

Finally, the piece, the slippery
Piece of heaven – I triumphantly
Brought it to my lips and tasted

Theme Twelve – Senseless


Theme Twelve (MELISSA): Write a piece where the main character is missing one of their 5 main senses. The origin of this loss can be a part of your story, or might not be, but the story must be written in the 1st person and you must utilize the other 4 senses to describe their story. Keep in mind when a person loses one of their main senses, their other senses are heightened.


Restrictions: None. =) Really. Other than the ones I already described of course, 1stperson, descriptive, yadda yadda, and all that.


Deadline: Monday, August 9 @ 11:59 PM


Penalty: Create a concrete poem, you know one of those poems that’s in the shape of what it describes?  And make it really pretty and such, and then you can either scan the original copy you make or photograph it (if you choose to draw it, you can make a digital copy too I suppose, I’m just thinking of hand drawing cause I like to draw), and post that copy as well as a typed up  copy. If you  don’t understand what I’m saying, which I grant may be the case because I don’t think I explained it well, you may ask me for a visual example, and I will draw you a pretty little picture of what I’m talking about. Thank you come again soon.

Project Theme
Every week, Nabila or myself (Or maybe Melissa or Albert) will post a theme upon which members of Project Theme must write an entry. Theme creation will be alternated between the both of us, and all participants are required to respond to the theme in a timely manner. The deadline will always be exactly seven (7) days after the theme is posted, but the restrictions and penalties are to be created at our discretion. "

Thoughts of a Random Nature

Poetry Paradise is over – how do I feel about that? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the past week. In fact, I could feel the creativity draining out of me after the 3rd week. It doesn’t help that I also got sick, so I just didn’t feel like writing excessively long poetry. My parents were all over me about bedrest, I had a crappy birthday, and poetry paradise definitely suffered while I pretended to be in bed all day for my parents’ sake. Also, since I’ve turned the journal into a blog as well, I feel like a lot of emotion just got bottled up or translated to verse, which isn’t as fun for my readers, who want poetry that isn’t 100% connected with my mood swings 😛 Since I’m like a hormonal pregnant teenager with those, ya know.

Albert’s summer project seemed inspirational and fun at first, but it quickly grew tedious to keep up with and became a liability more than a sport afterwards. I didn’t put any effort into Project Theme because of that, didn’t update Bet I as much as I wanted, & didn’t do a lot of other long-term writing that I wanted to. Is that something i can change? Absolutely not…but nonetheless, look forward to more chapter updates for Bet I this month.

My livejournal followers haven’t really been updated on how the entire month of July was for me…and I’ve gotten used to blogging about myself every few days, so this was just weird. I didn’t have enough time to keep up with everything and I feel like somebody recovering after having bit off more than she can chew. My dedication to just about everything dipped because I poured way too much time into Livejournal last month. And even when I didn’t, I just felt so creatively drained sometimes that I didn’t feel like working on my other graphic design projects. My summer project list definitely hasn’t progressed as far as it should have, but what can I do now about that? So for the next few weeks, you’ll see Project Theme & you’ll see blogging, but not too much extra writing 😛 I’ll try to put out a few more chapters of Bet I though, since I have a lot of ideas for where I want this story to go.

I’m going to follow in Issela’s lead & post a quick update on relationships and feelings & other such girly things. Unlike her, I do not have such complicated issues.

I think there’s a guy I sort of like. I tell myself I don’t, but when I’m with him, I want him to hug me and talk to me and spend time with me so…ha, I guess I do like him. Regardless, he’s either oblivious or disregarding it, and unless he makes the first move, I’m not about to speak up. So that’s basically a standstill, and in the meantime, he’s a great friend so to be honest, I don’t mind just leaving it at that.

College starts soon – less than 4 weeks left till we move in now – and the month of August promises to move along really fast! In fact, after I get off of Livejournal, I have to finish up packing for a trip to Lake George with family & friends till Monday night. It’ll be a fun four days hopefully & we leave early in the morning. Unfortunately, silly person that I am, I collapsed in bed after I got home from work (at about 7:30) and didn’t wake up till 12:30…so now that I’ve gotten 5 hours of sleep (which is what I usually get every night), I have the entire rest of the night to stay awake, finish packing, charge everything, and prep for leaving. Note: This means my Project Theme entry will not be posted until I return, and if I get home too late & am tired, I’m not overtaxing myself; the entry will be posted Tuesday morning or Tuesday after work. I’m warning you now, & also letting you know why!)

So I bought a tablet (FINALLY) and am proud to say that I will own my very own Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch when I get home from vacation. It’s being shipped out today (Friday) & should be with me on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Needless to say, I am very very excited. It’ll make working on my graphics commissions so much easier. And so much more fun. It’s always easier to realize a vision when you can just CREATE what you need instead of hunting around online for a stalk you can vector & manipulate to your satisfaction. Not to mention…the end result is so much more satisfying if it’s entirely your own handiwork.

Expect some gfx updates from me as I get past the learning curve & begin working on things I’ve been commissioned to do!

This Livejournal became really impersonal over the past month…don’t worry, I’ll make it mine again ❤ I don't believe in a creative journal where people can ONLY read the creative entries and never get to know you. If I know how the artist talks and feels, I like and appreciate their art so much more. If I went into a gallery with impressive paintings but had no interaction with the painter, those paintings just wouldn't stay in my mind for quite as long. But when you get to know the creative artist as well as the creations, the writing takes on a whole new level of satisfaction. I want you guys to read my work, yes, but I want to be judged by people who know me as a person, as a human being, rather than just an anonymous livejournal user who posts work here. Selfish perhaps, but I like it nonetheless. My work feels more approachable if you know me as that spaz NYU sophomore, know what I mean? ❤