Theme Eleven – Villainy

Theme Eleven [ALBERT]:
The next theme will be villainy. Put yourself in the mind of a villain, detail a crime and how you commit it whether supernatural, unoriginal, petty, or grand larceny. Bonus points for originality – have fun 😀

Length Requirement: There is no length requirement, it only has to be long enough to detail your crimes and your method of carrying it out. The piece, however, must be poetry. Good luck.

Punishment: If you cannot finish this piece, you will owe me a tribute to how great I am using at least 5 words that are over ten letters long, in a rhyming piece that is a page single spaced. And then you can stroke my ego a little more by ending your next 5 posts with: "Albert Wang is probably the greatest thing to come out of the 20th century."

Deadline: Monday, August 2 @ 11:59PM

Note I will not (see how it’s bold and underlined? That means I mean business :O ) accept any unfinished entries posted early to avoid punishment. There is no length requirement; you have no excuses to not finish on time except your lack of creativity. Clearly, this all means that I am a huge egoist and only wish for you guys to have to inflate my already dangerously large ego. Regardless, please finish on time 🙂

Project Theme
Every week, Nabila or myself (Or maybe Melissa or Albert) will post a theme upon which participants must write an entry. Theme creation will be alternated between the both of us, and both are required to respond to the theme in a timely manner. The deadline will always be exactly seven (7) days after the theme is posted, but the restrictions and penalties are to be created at our discretion. "


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