Theme Twelve – The Taste of Frustration

 When I was a young child, 
Somebody placed something delicious
In my mouth

Mommy’s lips tickled the
Very tip of my ears and she

I sat there wondering at the
Sweet and heavy nectar,
The sweet dew that was in my

Mommy thought I couldn’t hear her
And she raised my small hand to the
Tears rolling down her

Then I bit down, the soft
Fruit she called mango, 
Enveloping my tongue 

It was so sweet, so refreshingly
Cool, I told her I liked it,
Even more than 

She fed me small pieces, put
Some on a plate, and leaned in
Really close, her breath tickling my

There’s some on your plate,
I want you to feel it,
Bring it to your lips, and then

It was slippery and I cried,
Wiped my face with my mango hands
Brought them to my face and tasted

I laughed, the salt and sweet
Mixed, and I told mommy I didn’t like
The taste of

She told me to kept trying,
I felt her hands, a steady 
Presence on my

I tried again and again,
For almost thirty minutes.
I heard the clock continue to

Finally, the piece, the slippery
Piece of heaven – I triumphantly
Brought it to my lips and tasted


2 thoughts on “Theme Twelve – The Taste of Frustration

  1. Of course this piece is about mango, XD Pry’s favorite fruit. At any given time she has about three dozen mangos in her house. XD This was beautifully written, and came to a fullfilling conclusion. It took me a moment to discover what sense you were omitting, but the challenges of it were cleverly depicted.

    • glad you liked it! I thought it was obvious she was blind though 😦 Ohwell, I just had fun writing it. I think if I hadn’t been able to see a mango when I first ate it, I would have cried 😦 They are beautiful fruits, I swear.

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