Theme Thirteen – An Adventure

Theme Thirteen (PRYANKA): This will be a story of adventure, bravado, courage, determination, strength (or sheer luck), and fun. You must create a "main" character who you will then send on a journey. The journey should be a physically arduous one. Write a story where the focus isn’t tragedy or drama, but the sheer fun of going on an adventure.

Restrictions: The adventure must physically take place, it cannot simply be a dream, a fantasy, or an adventure of the imagination. No poetry. No sad endings.  No length requirements either.

Deadline: Monday, August 16 @ 11:59 PM

Penalty: For not completing this theme on time, you must go back and complete a punishment created for one of the previous themes that never had a chance to be implemented. To make things easier, the following themes were completed on time by all members. Their respective punishments went unused, so you will have the choice to complete one of them. Deadline for the penalty will remain the last day of Project Theme (Monday, August 23).

Themes with unused punishments:  theme1, theme3theme10theme12

If I missed one but you know that nobody was given that punishment, you can go ahead & use it, just let me know so I can update this post.

Project Theme
Every week, Nabila or myself (Or maybe Melissa or Albert) will post a theme upon which members of Project Theme must write an entry. Theme creation will be alternated between the both of us, and all participants are required to respond to the theme in a timely manner. The deadline will always be exactly seven (7) days after the theme is posted, but the restrictions and penalties are to be created at our discretion. "

 Note: All incomplete penalties must be posted by Monday, August 23, 2010. That is also the last day of Project Theme for this summer!

Congratulations guys, it was an amazing summer in terms of my writing – I’ve produced a lot of creative work that I’m proud of, and I’m really happy that these fifteen weeks of Project Theme will be remembered. It’s a long time to be so dedicated to an online optional obligation over the summer, so thank you guys for not giving up!

The four of us have pretty much come to a consensus on how to run Theme Fifteen I believe….we’ll all talk on AIM sometime this weekend hopefully and deliberate over what we want to do specifically.


4 thoughts on “Theme Thirteen – An Adventure

  1. Kalenra says….
    Ah, okies. Well *thinks* I’m going to have to pass on this one as it takes me longer than a few days to write a good story. 😉 *chuckles softly*

    • Re: Kalenra says….
      I meant a fantasy in the sense that somebody’s writing about a fantasy adventure.
      If your story takes place on a different world (different planet or an Earthlike planet with different types of inhabitants), that will be fine. So long as the character is actually going on the adventure, an entry is valid. The character itself can be a human, a spider, a Loch Ness monster, whatever

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