WELL then, that was hard

Last week = insane. I would count that as my second hell week this semester…I think getting through last week was harder than getting through finals this semester will be because I honestly had no time for procrastination. Obviously, I procrastinated anyway, but that just made things even harder. Regardless, very few hours of sleep and several completed (on time) assignments later, I’m alive and its the weekend!

Well, the weekend’s almost over now too, I’m doing Spanish homework, but it was a pretty fun weekend regardless. Lots of hanging out and walking around the city was done, despite how insanely cold it is. It doesn’t help that my dorm hasn’t turned on the heat yet though…almost makes me not want to come back home.

I’m going to make myself hot chocolate later.

This is a random post, I don’t post enough. Rosaura a las Diez, the novel I’m reading in Spanish, is extremely weird and strange. Maybe I don’t get it that well, but hey, I’ve made it to page 121 already. THAT’S IN SPANISH. A LEGIT NOVEL IN SPANISH. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE PAGES OF IT. Be proud? ❤

As usual, hw for the week is below. Not as bad as last week was, but pretty hard nonetheless. These are the weeks leading up to finals though, so it makes sense. There are a lot of assignments coming up, but like I said, that’s only to be expected. After Friday afternoon though, 1/4th of my finals will be over! Excitinggggg.

[X] Read Part II – Due Monday
[X] Read Part III – Due Tuesday
[X] Read Parts IV, V – Due Thursday
[X] BB – Discurso Indirecto, parte II y III – Due Tuesday
[X] Formato de Prueba 5 – Due Thursday
[ ] Study, test is next Monday, 12/13

British Literature
[ ] Begin memorizing authors of works in preparation for midterm
[X] BB Discussion board comment – Due Wednesday @ 11:59pm

The Politics of Administrative Law
[ ] Case Briefs
[ ] Outsourcing Sovereignty

Creative Writing 
[X] CW Final Portfolio – Due Friday (20+ pages of original content, Homage Project, Reading Discussion, Reflectionesque letterthing)

Spanish gets kinda intense, it’s not fair 😦 We just had a test last week and we have another one a week later, wtf? And then we have our final on the 17th. TOO. MANY. FREAKING. TESTS.


3 thoughts on “WELL then, that was hard

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    I am not a person who is easily delighted but I have to say your work blew me away. So much ideas and relevant detaisl that you put into it made me see your point of view. Thanks for communicating your reasonable inputs.

  2. Yeah this weekend was fun, wasn’t it? I probably let loose a little too much and should have studied more..oh well, I’ll try to make up for it in the coming week. Congrats on the novel~ You’re getting reallyyy good at Spanish, it’s really showing 😀 I think it’s a good idea to list out all the things you have to do, I should probably take a leaf out of your book and do that too haha..Good luck!!

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