Assignments: Week 2 [January 31 – February 4]

British Literature
[X] Poetry & Decorum – The Rape of the Lock, A Description of the Morning, A Description of a City Shower, The Lady’s Dressing Room, The Reasons that Induced Dr. S. to write a Poem called The Lady’s Dressing Room.- Due Jan. 31
[ ] Criticism and the Public Sphere – A Journal of the Plague Year, "The Tatler, The Spectator, and The Female Spectator", Periodical Personas, "Getting,Spending, Speculating", "Women and Men, Manners and Marriage", "Women’s Education (BB)" – Due Feb 2

Comparative Politics
[X] Print + Read Lecture 2 Notes
[X] Read + Outline Chapter 2 of book RGME4

Law & Society
[X] Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood – Kristin Luker (125/125 done, due 2/1)
[X] Life’s Dominion: An Argument About Abortion, Euthanasia, and Individual Freedom – Ronald Dworkin (64/64 done, due 2/3)

Quantitative Methods
[X] Read Mann, Appendix A.3 – Due Feb 1 [Book Ordered]
[X] Read Mann, Chapter 2 – Due Feb 3 [Bo
[X] Homework 1 (Available on BB) – Due Feb. 3

Other Things
[ ] FAFSA 2011-2012 deadline March 1
[X] FAFSA 2009-2010 audit deadline February 4
[ ] Update Planner + Dry Erase Board


 God is reason
And man, his likeness.

God is just and virtuous,
And man strives to that end.

A perfect state is composed
Of a large and perfect middle-class.

Those in the middle do not covet,
Nor are they coveted. Do not plot,
Nor are plotted against. Society functions

Within that perfect society, 
Man is at home.

And that man who is not perfect,
And who seeks isolation.

Then that man,
He is either Beast
Or God.

Assignments: Week 1 [January 24-28]

British Literature
[X] Read: Oroonoko (Longman 1C, pg 1137)

Comparative Politics
[X] Print + Read Lecture 1 & 2 Powerpoint slides
[X] Read + Outline Chapter 1 of book, RGME

Law & Society
[X] Introduction – Justice Brennan
[X] Introduction – Lord Scarman
[ ] The Philosophy of Human Rights, Patrick Hayden

Quantitative Methods
[X] Print Course Packet
[X] Read "Science and Statistics", Prem Mann, Appendix A, 3
[ ] Buy textbooks. Editions do not matter

Other Things
[ ] UOL Application due this Friday –
[ ] AB NOLA meeting, Saturday @ 6pm @ Rubin Dining Hall

A Poem

I twist the thought around, 
Twirl it to and fro as it saturates
Lightly through the surface of my fingertips.

The night is blurry, my feelings are

I am abrupt, I change my mind often.
A million paths a minutes, but none seem
To stick.

The ink drips down in blotches
And erases everything I write.

Words impossible, I try my best
To talk to somebody and explain,
I’m a nice person.

But am I? I am not so innocent or
So untouched any more.

But I am strong and I will survive. 
I am fearless and i will thrive,
Rise from my falls and win with my drive.