Assignments: Week 2 [January 31 – February 4]

British Literature
[X] Poetry & Decorum – The Rape of the Lock, A Description of the Morning, A Description of a City Shower, The Lady’s Dressing Room, The Reasons that Induced Dr. S. to write a Poem called The Lady’s Dressing Room.- Due Jan. 31
[ ] Criticism and the Public Sphere – A Journal of the Plague Year, "The Tatler, The Spectator, and The Female Spectator", Periodical Personas, "Getting,Spending, Speculating", "Women and Men, Manners and Marriage", "Women’s Education (BB)" – Due Feb 2

Comparative Politics
[X] Print + Read Lecture 2 Notes
[X] Read + Outline Chapter 2 of book RGME4

Law & Society
[X] Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood – Kristin Luker (125/125 done, due 2/1)
[X] Life’s Dominion: An Argument About Abortion, Euthanasia, and Individual Freedom – Ronald Dworkin (64/64 done, due 2/3)

Quantitative Methods
[X] Read Mann, Appendix A.3 – Due Feb 1 [Book Ordered]
[X] Read Mann, Chapter 2 – Due Feb 3 [Bo
[X] Homework 1 (Available on BB) – Due Feb. 3

Other Things
[ ] FAFSA 2011-2012 deadline March 1
[X] FAFSA 2009-2010 audit deadline February 4
[ ] Update Planner + Dry Erase Board


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