ITE: I blog. [ITT is so much catchier. Screw you, forums]

In this entry: I blog. I haven’t done much pure blogging for a while, and I’ve actually done little else but post my weekly assignments here. And nobody’s going to come to a blog to see the blog owner’s weekly assignments, right?

So here we go – a new post full of life updates, drama, and maybe even gossip. I don’t know where this entry is headed towards. I have a few updates I have to make after this though. I’ve taken to carrying around the (amazing, lovely, awesome, useful, and COMPLETELY SENSATIONAL) notebook that  gifted me on my birthday last summer. In it, she undertook the difficult and lengthy task of writing every single piece of work I’ve posted on this Livejournal Account. It totals to just under 100 pages right now, isn’t that amazing? Words will never express how much I love you Nabila, for giving me the most meaningful presents I have ever received in the history of my life!

Those updates will be tagged as my subway ruminations 🙂 They are writings that will have, of course, taken place while riding the subway to and from New York University on the weekends that I choose to go home. 

Other than that, I’m really REALLY excited for Spring Break. It begins soon – March 10 for me, since I have no classes on Fridays and I have the day off of work as well – and I can’t wait to go with my group on an NYU Alternative Break to New Orleans, Louisiana, where we get to work with an organization called Relief Spark. There are 10 of us – a few really cool sophomores who I’ve become friends with over the meetings – going on this trip along with 2 site leaders (RA’s Samara and Mark from Third North and Brittany) and 2 site advisors (RHD’s from Greenwich Hotel and Second Street). The 14 of us are driving down to Louisiana – a 2 day adventure – in 2 minivans. We’ll be stopping over in Tennessee and I’m really looking forward to this trip. 

I mean really, a whole week in New Orleans – it’s going to be EPIC. AMAZING. BALLER. YESSSS ❤

I also recently (read: yesterday) found out that a friend of mine, Jonny, is ALSO going to be in New Orleans for a portion of my trip there. He told me he booked a flight and I was like…NO WAY I’M GOING TO BE THERE TOO. He’s really chill – he’s an International student (and loaded) from Singapore, born in Indonesia, and he has his own apartment right in Greenwich Village. I’ve chilled with him at his place a few times with his friends and he’s become a really good friend since we took The Politics of Administrative Law together last semester. 

We’re actually in Law and Society together and discovered that we can now hang out with each other during Spring Break yesterday while studying for our midterm together. I’m not interested in him romantically or anything, but I’m glad that we’ve become such good friends! I love having good friends hehe.

Having written that last epiphany, however, I’ll move on to other things! Such as…well…the WEATHER. It is finally starting to get nicer outside, and I’m really looking forward to beautiful Spring days where I can sit out at Columbus Park (Right in the middle of where all the Federal Courts are), walk down the West Side by the Hudson Piers, and walk blissfully (instead of miserably) to campus, not caring in the slightest when the next shuttle leaves. Life will be so glorious without having to worry about shuttle times. Also, I won’t feel guilty eating Froyo or sipping on chilled bubble tea. I looooove the summer. I am SUCH a summer person, you have no clue. I’d rather summer than winter any day.

I’ll update you guys about how Spring Break goes as the date gets closer. I will not, unfortunately, be bringing my laptop along to the trip. I’ll bring my notebook however, and take tons of pictures! Expect some scrapbooking in the future, and I’ll definitely try to write at least a little bit every day.

Starting next year, I’ll be moving off-campus! NO MORE DORMING, YEP. Right now, I’m not sure what this means for me though. My original plan involved studying abroad in London for Fall 2011. However, due to monetary reasons, that plan is no longer feasible (Let’s just say…1 semester in London for me would cost about the same as 2 semesters here in the city. ICKY), I will either commute or move off-campus for the beginning of Junior year. Ideally, I want to rent a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment in the city with a friend of mine. If that works out, that will be AMAZING.

  and I would have an AMAZING time living together. We’re basically twins, you see. We’re both from Long Island. We’re both Politics majors. We’re both taking Power & Politics in America together next semester. We both have the same budget and want to live in the same neighborhood. Tons of mutual friends, we took a Freshman Honors Seminar way back in the first semester of freshman year, and have been cloooose friends since. I love her ❤ And really hope that everything works out and we get to rent a place. 

However, if, for whatever reason, that doesn’t work out as well….

Commuting + Unlimited Metrocard, here I come.

Midterms have been going on since last week, and I have my last one the Thursday before Spring Break starts. It’ll be sort of nice in that I’ll get that midterm over with and then I am FREEEEEEE like a bird. I need to go home this weekend, do all of my laundry, and pack! I’m really really really really excitedddd, but I think I’ve already said that a few times in this entry! We’re actually leaving on Saturday, March 12, at 5AM. The brilliant people that we are, we’ve decided to have an all-night sleepover/slumber party at UHall the night before. We’ll all head over as a group and make sure to avoid a situation where there’s this ONE person who oversleeps and misses the trip.

I think I’ve ranted enough for now. Enjoy the read, comment and let me know that you love me!! Byefornow ❤


7 thoughts on “ITE: I blog. [ITT is so much catchier. Screw you, forums]

  1. HI BB. I just found this post!!! um OMFG you’ve hung out with Jonny? LMAO this would be awkward as fuck b/c of Chris….GUHHHHHH
    I know you probably won’t see this until you get back but I hope you have a blast in New Orleans!! And send me pictures!!! I’m updating all my blogs and stuff this weekend – I’ve been busy partying it up ;]] I WISH YOU WERE HERE WITH ME UGH <33

  2. I wanted to add, iluvkidnappers sounds really cool, I’d love to meet her one dayyy…(Plus your icon picture looks sooo familiar, so if you read this, can you tell me where it’s from?)

  3. woahhh, woaahhh WHOAAAA YOU’RE LEAVING MARCH 12??
    SO SOON!
    And here’s my obligatory “I love you” hehehe
    Awwww you’re making me blush! (You know, if I was light enough to blush)I have to think of a present for this year, IT’LL BE THE BETTER! Specially ‘cuz we don’t do Christmas anymore and just do birthday so birthday will be ah-mazing!
    Man so much stuff in your life and so much to comment on…By the way? I like that parenthesis (loaded) HAHAHAHA you should go for him thoughhh. Becauseeee….He’s loaddedddddd….who cares if you don’t like himmmmmm….<–bad influence/encouraging you to be a gold digger
    But seriously I’m so honored that you carry around the notebook and write in it, I really wanna see things coming up on here, I love your blog! Yep, even the weekly assignments, I don’t read them but I acknowledge their existence! It’s really cool that you write in the subway. It’s like you’re really a part of nyc you know?
    Woah I didn’t know you were DRIVING to New Orleans, that’s a hecka long trip! You have to tell me all about it after. Enjoy it to the fullest! Volunteering and going to a place is probably way better than doing a class, so I think you’ll have fun! I can’t believe it’s just in a week! Time sure flew by since you first told me! (my first reaction: You want to help people?! Helping people is lame!<–Remember that? haha)
    You know, you should get an unlimited metrocard anywayyy…..But woah I really hope you get to live off campus IT’S WAY FUN HAVING AN APARTMENT. WAY FUNNNNN. You’ll love it!
    Sleepover before the trip huh? I wonder how much sleeping you’ll get donee…
    Lovee youuu (see, I said it againnnn)

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