[1] Introduction

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Introductions were the worst. Pryanka hated introductions. She would walk into a crowd and never know who to approach. There were so many choices that she often walked in, looked around for about five seconds too long, and ended up standing there awkwardly until finally deciding to forego introductions entirely. She walked over to the table with the drinks and snacks on it, deciding to keep herself occupied with the array of complimentary appetizers while waiting for the event to start.

She should have brought a friend with her, but these important reminders only popped into Pryanka’s head when it was entirely too late. She grabbed a cup (how classy) of Chardonnay and put some macaroons into a plate before heading for a seat.

When seat-picking, her Model United Nations habits kicked in and guided her automatically towards the second row. Just to the left of the middle. Because that’s what they at New Hyde Park do. She smiled at the guy sitting next to her as she sat down, unsure of what to do for the next few minutes now that she had food, nobody to talk to, and time to kill.

Luckily for her, he broke the ice.

“Nice macaroons” guy-next-to-her said.

She looked over and gave him a second glance. He was young, probably under 25, and pretty hot. He had amazing eyes Pryanka loved eyes. If a man had sexy eyes, that was all she needed. And this guy had a lot more going for him. His eyes, in a word, were blue. But they were so much more than that. The deep and lustrous darkness was like a forest pool under the shade of ancient oaks.

She had the bad habit of quoting obscure literature sometimes, but his eyes deserved appropriate homage.

But in thinking about his eyes, she had been staring over at him for, as usual, five seconds too long. She blinked. Wasted another second.

“Oh I’m sorry, I spaced out…yeah I haven’t tried them yet but they do look good. You should go get some too,” she said back to him in reply, scrambling over her words and speaking just a little too quickly.

He didn’t say anything in response, just gave her a nod. A few seconds later, he got up and she watched him walk past her to the end of the row and then down the aisle to the snacks.

She sighed. She sucked at introductions.

He walked over a minute later, bumping into her knees as he sidestepped his way back to his own seat.

“Oh imsosorry” he said as he sat down.

“Hmm? Oh, no problem. Nice to meet you though, my name’s Pryanka”

Another nod of acknowledgment and then finally, “I’m Shaun.”

She wasn’t sure where to take the conversation after that, so she let it drop. He seemed reluctant about speaking to her anyway. “Not the conversation type,” she decided.

Still hot though.


2 thoughts on “[1] Introduction

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  2. Yeah right it really goes like that for you! I’m sure you’re smoother, did you even meet a guy named Shaun? LOL I’m thinking this is more fiction than realityyy
    Also..a forest pool and oak trees….hmmmm..Quite an interesting simile..
    A light introduction..I hope it goes better for Pryanka next time xD

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