[2] Love

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Pryanka has never been in love. She’s had a boyfriend now, but she hasn’t fallen in love yet, and she really regrets the boyfriend more and more with every day that passes by. You see, Pryanka’s first relationship wasn’t the greatest, let me tell you what happened.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief.

She knew the kid from Freshman year, it was a friend-of-a-friend kind of deal. They hung out much more Sophomore year, followed the whole exclusive to official path, and broke up four months later. It was “mutual” to avoid the messy, but really, he just didn’t want to try. Bit of a pussy if you ask me. He’s not really very mature about the thing now either. She ran into him the other evening, the kid booked it back to the dorm room at a speed-walking pace that would make cross-country runners proud. They lived in the same building too, that’s what made it funnier. He even ran across a changing light to avoid confrontation. I repeat, bit of a pussy.

So Pryanka stood at the intersection as the light changed and taxis began to zoom by, watching his running silhouette speed towards the dormitories. She couldn’t remember a time when she had felt angrier at herself and vowed to herself that she wouldn’t put herself through the miserable torture of relationships unless she had absolutely had to. Single until married, that kind of philosophy.

Pryanka didn’t believe in love anymore, she was so bitter and hurt over this break-up. Not hurt because she had been in love, but because she had been rejected and denied by this kid who went from boyfriend to complete stranger in a second. Bitter because he told her on the phone that he didn’t miss her at all over Winter Break. Upset because he didn’t see the need to contact her and was genuinely surprised when she tried talking to him while he was back home in the middle of nowhere with nothing better to do than swim all day. Yeah okay, she definitely deserved better.

Arranged marriage had never looked more appealing.

January 1 – That was when they officially stopped being a couple. January 1, a little past 7PM maybe. January 5 was when the realization hit in that she was single. And of course, as bitter as she was, Pryanka couldn’t even imagine a cuddly and romantic relationship again. So she rebounded, if you want to call it that.

Hooked up.

Nothing special, no big deal in the end. It was just a weekend of forgetting the past and going with whatever happened. No feelings attached though, no strings at all. Because strings made things unnecessarily complicated and she didn’t believe in love anymore.


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