[3] Light – Part 1

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I hear its Spring but when I’m sitting in the dark basement,
The light doesn’t quite reach me
And the warmth isn’t quite there yet and
I’m still sitting there by myself, wondering
To myself,
Where is the light?

Light brings me opportunity
Light is hope,
It is the belief that at the
End of the tunnel,
I will be saved.

I’m sitting here,
Still enveloped in the darkness and sill waiting for it
Like I used to wait for the weekends.

She hung up the Skype call and stretched her body to relax her muscles.

Call ended, duration 6:26:00

Somewhere along those six and a half hours, she realized she was crazy. And extremely, extremely sleepy. But mostly just crazy. So she blew him a kiss, said her good nights and her sweet dreams, told him she would talk to him tomorrow, and hung up the Skype call. And then she decided that she would go write a poem, just for the hell of it. So she did that and then she began working on writing her tale.

She was on Spring Break and nothing really mattered anymore. It was one of those kinds of days where she didn’t want to think about school and she didn’t want to think about relationships and she didn’t want to think about having to solve this Dan problem eventually. It was late, she should have just gone to sleep, but she had started writing a story about light and she was going to finish the thing before she closed her eyes again.

She sat there in complete dark and pondered the meaning of light for a little bit. She thought about its positive connotations and she even wrote a poem. You’ll see that above the prose section. She wrote that poem and then she leaned her head back and stared up at the low celing of the basement ahead of her.

In her mind, the gaze was on something far more spectacular. Bright, twinkling lights scattered in the night sky twinkling merrily away as they continued to exist thousands of years into the future.

Her own vision of that light was already in the past, and she could not but help to wonder why the light would never – could never – be a part of her future. She wanted it, the sun, the tans, the walks on the beach and the sun-drenched light. She wanted all of that just like any other normal teenage girl did over Spring Break but instead, her perception of light was just limited to the artificial laptop screen in front of her.

The light of a laptop that could show her everything, that could connect her to Dan almost every night, but could never let him see her in person or help her gain the experiences she needed to be a good writer.

“So what use was that temporary knowledge and false light?” And with that thought, she went to bed.


2 thoughts on “[3] Light – Part 1

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  2. I love the poem…but ahh! I can’t concentrate on just typing comments to you, I’d rather call you! Call me when you’re not busy pleaseeeeee. I liked this post though. It was sweet, the poem..

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