Assignments: Week 9 [March 21 – March 25]

Sorry about the wait for the rest of the NOLA trip log Nabila, but I’m going to update my assignments and then continue to type out the rest of this onto livejournal. I ended up with 12 or so pages in my journal by the end of the trip. Not for lack of experiences, but because of lack of patience, time, and the inability to put such an amazing life-changing experience into words. Having said that, on with homework for the week!

British Literature
[X] The Realist Novel – Read Hard Times by Charles Dickens
• Essay #2: Monday, April 11 @ 12:30PM

Comparative Politics
[X] Read Lecture 14 – Social Cleavages
[X] Read Lecture 15
• Recitation Presentation: Tuesday, April 5

Law & Society
[X] Tuesday Why We Lost the ERA by Jane Mansbridge – Pages 118-148, 178-200
[X] Thursday The History of Human Rights – From Ancient Times to the Globalization Era by Micheline Ishay – Introduction, Pages 173-243)

Quantitative Methods
[X] HW #5 – Due Thursday 3/24
[X] STATA Lab HW due Friday 3/25


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