Pre-Summer Break Slump

 The number of meaningful relationships I have has dwindled down to two.
Nabila and Jessica.

I can say that after this year ends, I will have lost basically every single friend I have made since I came to NYU two Septembers ago.
The few good things the first half of college has given me….
1. My first kiss
2. My first boyfriend (Even though that, too, ended horribly)
3. My first clubbing experience

4. My first self-made actual meal
5. My first real job
Its been a lot of firsts, which is great, but the temporality of everything i desire seems to be running faster in NYC than I can keep up with.
I’m also just really really miserable because…
1. I have a throat infection
2. I have allergies
3. I have a cold
4. I’m alone. Everybody seems to be flaking out on me/ignoring me
5. I’ve lost touch with too many people I care about and discovered that most of them don’t feel as strongly for me.
I just want to feel better and cuddle somebody right now. Instead I’m going to cry myself to sleep //_ ;
I have work tomorrow anyway. 

3 thoughts on “Pre-Summer Break Slump

  1. Oh no! This is so depressing..I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier! 😦
    I’m kind of with you though..I don’t have many meaningful relationships either..*sighs* Waiii waiiii you forgot your friend Carolyn?? ahaaha
    I feel horrible about your sickness though, I hope it cures soon..allergies have been getting me down too..I think they’re worse this year? They sure feel worse..Usually I have mild allergies, I don’t wake up with a major headache and the need to blow my nose and incredibly tearful eyes…
    You still have two good years of college left to go, so please don’t feel so down! I’m sure you’ll meet someone you really connect with, hopefully a really sweet college romance!
    Nooo did you really cry?? When was this! LOL April 15…on a Friday??? Yo WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME? I WAS DYING STUDYING ORGANIC CHEMM. I WAS SO LONELYYYY ahaha I hope you feel better right now..I’m always here when you wanna talk! Really. Always. Here. (has no life)

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