You know who you are

I wish your life was perfect. I often find myself wishing happiness, success, knowledge, and luck upon others. Because well, my life ain’t so bad. So yeah, sometimes I pray that your life stays peachy. I hope your morale stays high, your determination stays strong. 

Most of all, i wish we were going through this together. Pre-business, Pre-law, Pre-med, Psychology, Math, Economics…whatever paths we end up choosing, I wish we were going through them together. Because what use are best friends when they are miles away? I feel useless all the way here when all I really want to do is find you, motivate you, distract you, procrastinate with you, and just well…be best friends with you all the time. 

This isn’t a love letter, its just a shoutout to a friend who needs some cheering up. This isn’t a pep talk, its a heart-to-heart on a public journal because I’m not afraid to tell it how it is. And girl, you need some advice, some cheer, and some best friend talk right now. 

Everybody fights. When I go home, I argue with my parents. I bicker with my brother…I know how you feel right now. We’re all a headstrong bunch, you know that. We can’t take for granted that we’ll get our way every time, but at the same time, I know how ready you are to feel independent. That’s why you’re studying where you are right now, it was your attempt to escape a pretty demoralizing situation.

Fighting with your roommate is crappy. I try my best to avoid confrontations as well but I think that if thats what its going to come down to, you need to sit your roommate down and let her know – we are living together, yes, but that does’t mean we’re married. We don’t need to bicker, you do your thing and I’m going to do mine. You have enough on your plate with classes and schoolwork as it is, you certainly do not need to add drama to the mix.
Studying somewhere on campus isn’t a bad idea, that’s basically what I’ve been doing this past semester to avoid my own roommate situation. It works but that doesn’t mean you need to spend entire nights out. Just tell her you have a test, you need to study, and you need to not be disturbed. You need to stop living like family or even friends because adding that extra bit of distance is going to keep you sane and give you the ability to concentrate.
That’s my two cents at any rate – there won’t be any tension, there won’t be constant fights. Just go back to your apartment, do your own thing. Interact when you need to, of course, but try your best to let your roommate know that she isn’t here to take care of anybody. Part of why you moved away from NHP was independence – well now that you have it, don’t just rely on your roomie to take care of you. Prove that you’re learning from the new experience and making use of the transfer.
If you’re just going to do the same thing there that you did here, there’s really no point in paying the additional costs. Just come back if all you plan on doing is school and arguments. You went there to escape the necessity of explaining yourself. so then…escape it. Stop creating the same conditions you’re trying to escape.
As for last minute cramming….
You know I’m going to be honest here – that is mostly just poor planning on your part. Next semester’s not going to be that much easier, just an FYI. If you can, try to change the schedule to something more balanced PLEASEEEE. I’m begging you, why are you setting yourself up for misery after seeing just how…miserable an unbalanced schedule can make you.
I know what it feels like to need a break/escape. Just know that the semester is almost over and I’ll be there for you this summer. I definitely plan on visiting you all the way up there in Buffalo, just you wait and watch. It will happen and you will like it 😀

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