This is a break-up poem

I’m watching Hot Tub Time Machine. This is a break-up story. Watch the movie if you don’t get it.

I’ve lost, doesn’t mean I’ll stop.
You’re gone, I’m pining.
I’m hurting, I’m hurt.
Doesn’t mean you won’t
get what you deserve.

Cold, I’m reliving the memories.
Play by play, cold but playing on,
What did I do wrong? What did you do wrong?
Why did we fail?

Somewhere along the way,
You stopped loving me, and
Here I am, crying without you
Because I still love you.
It’ll wear off, the feelings will
Fade. Your actions though,
They’re irreversible. What you did
To me, somebody else will do to you.
Just keep waiting, the glory of being free,
It’ll wear off. When it does,
You’ll realize you’re a little bit lost and alone
and hurt too. Just like me.
You broke it, you hurt me,
You gave up at the slightest difficulty.
Look me in the eyes, tell me you love me,
Then look again, tellin me you’re gone.
With another girl,
I’m alone with my pain.
You’ve wasted my time,
And I let you blow it all away.
I’m alone with my pain,
Alone with the pain.

2 thoughts on “This is a break-up poem

  1. Aw thank you! this was more a rehashing of lyrics and themes than an original piece though. I’m sure you at least saw Coldplay (I made that one really obvious) and Justin Timberlake right?

    Buuuut yeah, my poetry all depends on my mood, and this was written when I was upset ><

  2. I’ve wanted to watch that movie! Ha. Anyways I like the off beat of this piece. The repetition and the off rhymes and slant rhymes have a nice rhythm. I also like the call and response rhetorical questions. It’s ambiguous but relatable. I like how you’ve broken away from your more structured poems you used to write and are being more experimental. I can’t wait to see what your poetry evolves into (or devolves!).

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