The day before the flight!

I’ve gotta be all packed and ready to go by today (Since its already Saturday) afternoon because we’re going to New Jersey for a party and then staying there overnight before we leave to Newark airport. In the meantime, my brother and a bunch of his friends are staying at home to work on a project so I won’t see him again for a while once we leave =/

Things to do:
[X] Manicure + Pedicure
[X] Straighten hair
[X] Waxing. OH THE JOY
[X] Finish packing EVERYTHING!

[X] Shower – See this has to be strategic. I’ll probably shower once in the morning, not wear the clothes I want to be on the plane in, then shower again at my cousin’s house in New Jersey before we leave for Newark.
I’m really really really excited!!! Cannot wait 😀

Off to sleep for now but I’ll update more tomorrow before I leave! Promiseee


Countdown to India – Two Days Left

[X] Make pad thai – WAS SO GOOD
[ ] Buy a new bag – WILL BUY IN INDIA
[X] Buy new bras D:
[X] Begin packing the bigger suitcases

I cut my hair! Nearly half a foot shorter actually. Observe:

Much shorter in preparation for India. Half a foot shorter, it feel smuch lighter and healthier. I’ve also removed all hints of layers because well, I was tired of having so many layers + having my hair super long-looking in the back but still really really short in the front. Now if it grows out, I’ll have it angled in the front a little bit to frame my face but other than that, done with layers for the most part. I want my hair to be an even length around instead of a few inches difference from the front to the back. Just looks awkward IMO.

Countdown to India – Three Days Left

Things to do this Thursday:

[X] Get a haircut. I didn’t want to do it, I REALLY didn’t but its going to be hot in India. The shorter the better. Probably up to my shoulders, will post a before & after kinda thing

[ ] Make pad thai for lunch with Carolyn!! – Didn’t happen, we got too lazy.
[ ] Buy a new bag
[ ] Buy new bras D:
[ ] Potentially meet up with Issela at RFM? Maybe??
[ ] Begin packing the bigger suitcases
Hi guys! I still can’t believe I’m going to be on a plane to India in just three days. It still feels surreal – I’m looking forward to an escape from New York City, NYU, and even my job for a while – I’ve been working at the Off-Campus Housing Office since September 2009 basically, with very minimal breaks =/ This month will be the perfect way to catch up with cousins, see new places, meet new nieces and nephews, and even take a break from technology.
And god knows I definitely need a break from boys. 

Edit: Things in red being moved to Friday’s to-do list because I ended up coming to Stony Brook today to meet my cousin + Jessica before leaving for India!


Countdown to India – Four Days Left

 Flight – May 22 @ 8AM (: 
Will not have my phone with me, as far as I know. Best way to contact me will be before 3-4AM on Sunday (: 

I just moved out of my dorm today, so the schedule until India is INCREDIBLY tight. I’ll bring my journal along, so expect an India trip log uploaded onto LJ little by little when I am back. 

I’ll be back in New York June 23!

But until then, I need a place to keep track of all the things that must get done. And I need to make myself an itinerary of sorts because ever since I lost my Blackberry, I have been the most forgetful person EVER!

Wednesday, May 18
[X] Sort – 3 piles – Donate, Put Away, Pack for India
[X] Take inventory, figure out what else needs to be bought
[X] Shopping with Mother dearest after she gets home from work
[X] Meet up with Carolyn in the evening, potentially have her stay on the bus till RFM if thats where we go? If not, see her when I get back home
[X] Work on  unpacking other things and moving things into appropriate storage areas
That’s all I know needs to be done. Will update tomorrow with another list, byeee ❤


Hi 🙂 It’s past midnight now, so Happy Tuesday! I have 3 more grueling days of finals to endure and then I will be done with Sophomore year…now that’s pretty crazy. Time has gone by too quickly – I want my freshman year back!

I’m just sitting here with a GIANT mug of iced coffee working on my Comparative Politics final for tomorrow morning now. It’ll be 3 in-class essays but he’s given us the prompts beforehand so we can prepare for them – that’s what I’ve been working on the past hour or so. I’ve gotten one of the three already outlined, now I’m just working on making sure I can memorize the main points I want to make before I move on to the second one.

I will most likely remain awake tonight – after this, I need to begin studying for Law and Society a little bit. Tomorrow, I have this exam until 11:30 or so, then I have a break before a Law and Society review session. Since I’ll be studying L&S for a few hours starting the study session, I’ll spend the time between 11 and 6 napping and/or studying for my British Literature final on Wednesday.

Sleep will be a rare commodity, I know, but once I hit Thursday, I’ll have all the time I need to sleep (:
Meaningful blogging to come soon. Bear with me lovelies ❤