The day before the flight!

I’ve gotta be all packed and ready to go by today (Since its already Saturday) afternoon because we’re going to New Jersey for a party and then staying there overnight before we leave to Newark airport. In the meantime, my brother and a bunch of his friends are staying at home to work on a project so I won’t see him again for a while once we leave =/

Things to do:
[X] Manicure + Pedicure
[X] Straighten hair
[X] Waxing. OH THE JOY
[X] Finish packing EVERYTHING!

[X] Shower – See this has to be strategic. I’ll probably shower once in the morning, not wear the clothes I want to be on the plane in, then shower again at my cousin’s house in New Jersey before we leave for Newark.
I’m really really really excited!!! Cannot wait 😀

Off to sleep for now but I’ll update more tomorrow before I leave! Promiseee

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