[IN] Drop It Like Its Hot

June 1, 2011
Key word here: HOT.

It is freaking HOT here in Jaipur. Try 110 degrees, nothing less. The sun is relentless, I feel sweaty before I even put on clothes in the bathroom after a shower. Its so gross, deodorant doesn’t stand a chance.

-break for cold watermelon-

We’ll leave for Delhi tonight, give ourselves tomorrow off, and then we’ll be going off on another road trip to Chandigarh this Friday for the weekend. After that, I’ll spend a few days with another of m ydad’s sisters. If my cousin has more free time another week, I’ll go to the other dad’s sisters house first instead. Point is, I’m going to be spending about a week with one of my dad’s sisters and a week with the other. They can divvy that up depending on when my cousins have more free time to actually hang out. Either way, I need a bit of a break from certain people’s voices and attitudes if you know what I mean. My cousin, as much as I love and miss him, is more over protective than my brother. COMPLETE party pooper. SERIOUSLY.

I marvel at how these people live. ITS SO HOTTTTTT. If you couldn’t tell, I really feel like whining right now. I’m just irritated at small things though, no big deal. NYC feels really far away right now and I’m not exactly homesick but I miss the New York vibe. I miss having the ability to party, hang out with friends, go out for food, watch ABDC and SYTYCD, get drunk, hook up with people…even if I’m not going to do any of these things, knowing the opportunity’s still around is nice. Over here, everything is sooo different, and of course this isn’t anything thats coming to me as a shock. Its just that I’m using this time to reflect on how much I miss my own home environment. Gives me a real sense of belonging back in the erratic NYC that I have called home for so many years now.
Everybody’s resting. Sort of a siesta to escape the heat.
Talking to guys here is like..completely taboo. I mean, its bad for my image to be seen within 10 feet of my driver unless he’s driving the car obviously. I mean I jokingly told two of my cousins that if they were going to continue to argue about who was sitting in the front, I was taking it. Ha ha, just another normal joke back home. But NOOOO my cousin got all pissed off and testy about it and kept mumbling under his breath and PMS’ing about how inappropriate a comment that was and how I need to do whats best for me and stay away from guys. I am SO glad that my own brother isn’t an overprotective FREAK. I mean this kid looked ready to murder the driver because of that comment. THAT I SAID, THE DRIVER DIDN’T EVEN SAY ANYTHING. RAwrrrr I guess what I’m trying to say is that its really frustrating here sometimes, but I’ve come to appreciate the majorly more liberal upbringing and environment I’ve been given. 
And then that night my uncle actually came up to me and essentially warned me to not talk to the driver too much.

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