On the topics of Laziness and Being Hated

June 13, 2011 | 5:50 P.M.
Well the laziness part is pretty self-explanatory. I think an entry is faster typed than written and due to the fact that I haven’t uploaded/posted all prior entries and my OCD for chronology, I just haven’t written.

There are only 10 days left here now, and I’ve spent the past 5-6 days at my cousins place. In Dwarka, the one with the one year old Aishwariya (spelling completely unconfirmed) who instantly bonded with me. I think that of the 3 babies here, she’s the one I’m going to miss the most. I tear up at the thought of leaving her 😦 I even taught her how to say bua. Oh gosh, I’m so proud of that!

Bua: The sister of one’s father.

Ironically, her grandma is my bua. Dad’s sister’s son = my cousin brother, and his daughter = my niece. Thus, I am his daughter’s bua. Anyway, she now says the word even though she’s pretty moody about it. Wahhhh I just don’t want to leave her.

Her brother, on the other hand…ARGH HE HATES ME. If I even look at him, he yells out then whiningly says, "I’m not talking to you go away." I complained to my mom and dad last night for like 45 minutes so I’m done ranting and I won’t dwell on it but he really just wants nothing to do with me. Wants me out of his house and out of his life forever. We were shopping at a mal in Noida (LOL Rukmani we finally made it to Noida like three days after you left). So we’re there and this kid goes, "Bua, you should just stay in America, don’t come back." I WAS FUMINGG but of course he’s a freakin 4 year old brat and I had to laughingly shrug it off even though on the inside, I had this terrible feeling compelling me to slap the shit out of the kid till he behaved. THEN AGAIN, not my kid and by far not my favorite nephew, so whatever. Life goes on.

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