New Summer Project!

 I’m sure most designers have come across, if not followed, this 30-Day Illustrator Crash Course by Vector Diary.

As I am a complete newbie, I am going to take this crash course and post progress here! I am also sorely tempted to write up a Photoshop Crash course, but that’s a project for another day. Bear with me, as much as I’ve mastered PS techniques, Illustrator is a whole other ballgame. Has many of the same features as PS does but everything works differently. End result is the same but I have to re-learn how to do everything!

I would have embarked on a writing project for the summer as I did last year – with Project Theme and Poetry Paradise, but I figure that once thesemester starts, you’ll see plenty of writing from the 3 English classes/12 credits that I’m taking. So I’ll spend the summer focusing on design and hopefully giving myself the basic workings of Illustrator so I can begin to combine vector media with my PS projects.

Excited, can’t wait to get started! Expect mixed media pieces as I progress.

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