AI Day 4 – Pencil Tool

 I’ve been trying my best to incorporate previous lessons and technique with whatever the course gives me as the technique for today. And YESS I know its past midnight now but IDC its still going to be counted as Day 4. Because I haven’t slept yet and until I do, tomorrow hasn’t begun. That being said, here you go!

Day Four 
Drawing shapes using the basic pen tool. I also used the shapes + gradients tools to make myself some really cute clouds, couldn’t resist 🙂 The heart behind the cloud is drawn with the pencil tool. I had to move some anchors around to have my way and also smooth the line after I drew the path with the pencil initially but once I changed the colors and positioned it behind a cloud, I felt that it added the right amount of ‘extra’ to the piece. Which is, on the whole, still rather juvenile, I know.

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