AI Day 5 – Pen Tool

 Ahhh, the glorious pen tool. I have spent years using it on Photoshop and feel myself incredibly competent in its use over there. Illustrator however, is a different matter entirely. Here is what my effort has produced today with the help of my AMAZINGLYHELPFUL Dan. He listened to me whine, bitch, complain, and despair for about the 3 hours I spent practicing/doodling/learning on Illustrator and taught me things that were frustrating me and causing problems before. If you want to learn how to do the grungy text, here are some key words. "Glass" effect on a plain bold text followed by a live trace that will remove the extra white (with the write settings. Live trace in color with a max color setting of 2) and you have grungy looking text you can layer with other things. That was the basic premise behind the text in this little image.

The flower itself was an endeavor that took about 5 tears of frustration and an hour to master. ITS SO SAD, the Rotate tool refused to work with me. Then my anchor points kept getting messed up…my first thre attempts at flowers weren’t aligning properly or symmetrical enough or smooth enugh or petal-like enough. Probably all of the above. EITHER WAY when I finally got it to work, props on Dan for showing me how to merge everything and then set up and properly apply a gradient using the swatches + gradient palette to create my desired color changes and then using the actual gradient tool to apply it.

Thanks for bearing with me! And good night ❤

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