Day 10 – Colors & Strokes

 It should be noted that the crash course itself provides only the ost basic of overview. It will not, by any means, be your sole guide to attaining mastery. What I have been doing is reading through tons more tutorials on how to achieve specific effects on Illustrator using the tool of the day. I know, for example, that although the crash course’s compound path tutorial taught me how to make a key, it was not the kind of key I actually made yesterday. To make MY key I read that tutorial to gain a basic understanding of the effects, but I also supplemented it with tutorials on how to create a heart, how to create custom swirlies/curly vectors, how to actually save a custom brush so you can use it forever, etc.

Tools take time and dedication (and tons of practice and ctrl+z) to master, so don’t feel stupid about googling tutorials fo the easiest things. They’re only easy once you’ve learned and practiced them. Until then, google away!!

That being said, here is day 10’s outcome.

Day 10 – Colors + Strokes

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