Day 15 – Transforming and Moving Objects

Day 15 Tutorial – Transforming and Moving Objects

Look, the key is back! 2 versions (: Background patterns and whatnot.

Day 12 – Transparency and Graphic Styles

Adobe Illustrator – Day 12 – Transparency and Graphic Styles

Only used custom graphic styles for this one. Major fun (: I also really love the transform tool, just sayin. I’ll work with it more for Day 13’s tutorial I believe, but it was an easy way to spread my star pattern around while randomizing it a bit as well.

Day 11 – Editing Objects, Layers, Groups


Layers and Groups – This is one lesson that definitely carries over from Photoshop. The basics of layering and grouping objects to make my final piece is well known. I’ve been working with layers for years now, and if you get into even a semi complicated or larger piece, grouping these hundreds of layers into folders is what makes for a clean and easy-to-edit final project.

The same goes for Illustrator. The flowers I have made before are made of many different paths. It is always beneficial to combine the paths used to create one flower shape into a single object. Then I can group ALL of the flowers used on one layer of my artwork once more into a single group folder. This way if I hide the folder named "flowers" I can hide them all simply and work on other folders and other sections of my work. Similarly, by grouping all the paths in one flower shape together, its easier to move the flower around without accidentally only moving one petal or 1/2 a flower. Annoying to make sure every path is selected every single time you decide to make a change to the flower shape. WAY easier to combine em all into a single object while still having the versatility of the direct selection tool to change a particular path within my object or group folder.

No durrrr. All my work is in layers! Background layer, text layer, foreground effects layer, background effects layer, lighting layer, original stocks layer even (keep unresized stocks in there + URL’s to them in case I ever need them again)

That’s just the makings of good, clean and efficient art (: I got this!

Happy Birthday, Happy Ramadan

I left you the beginnings of your birthday gift on your facebook wall so go check that out first. The rest of it, unfortunately, will have to wait until we next see each other OR when I mail you the gifts once I have your address. Whichever comes fist.

Ramadan also begins tomorrow, and I’ve been wanting to do something crazy for a while. Not like…livejournal long-term project crazy, because I’ve already done those several times. This time, I want to do something tangible. No more words or images for this crazy idea of mine.

Many cultures involve food deprivation in one way or another you know. Fasting, lent, Ramadan..etc.
Ramadan begins tomorrow and with it begins my concept.

Maybe it won’t be necessarily for spiritual cleansing or fasting to pray for a good husband (a popular Hindu tradition among young unmarried girls, believe it or not) but it will be something I do to reconnect with my body. To feel better about it, to be healthier, and cleanse my palette.

For the month of August, I am eating nothing but fruits, and drinking nothing but water from sun-up to sun-down. The exception to this is my early-morning coffee. After sundown however, I am still not eating anything but fruits or vegetables (ie. salads?)
Idk I’ll make up more rules as I go along, but I want to do this. So wish me luck!