Happy Birthday, Happy Ramadan

I left you the beginnings of your birthday gift on your facebook wall so go check that out first. The rest of it, unfortunately, will have to wait until we next see each other OR when I mail you the gifts once I have your address. Whichever comes fist.

Ramadan also begins tomorrow, and I’ve been wanting to do something crazy for a while. Not like…livejournal long-term project crazy, because I’ve already done those several times. This time, I want to do something tangible. No more words or images for this crazy idea of mine.

Many cultures involve food deprivation in one way or another you know. Fasting, lent, Ramadan..etc.
Ramadan begins tomorrow and with it begins my concept.

Maybe it won’t be necessarily for spiritual cleansing or fasting to pray for a good husband (a popular Hindu tradition among young unmarried girls, believe it or not) but it will be something I do to reconnect with my body. To feel better about it, to be healthier, and cleanse my palette.

For the month of August, I am eating nothing but fruits, and drinking nothing but water from sun-up to sun-down. The exception to this is my early-morning coffee. After sundown however, I am still not eating anything but fruits or vegetables (ie. salads?)
Idk I’ll make up more rules as I go along, but I want to do this. So wish me luck!

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