Junior Year at a Glance –

I have

– LSAT Preparation
– AB Site Leadership for an Alternative Break in the Winter or Spring (Don't know yet)
– VP NYU Chess Club
– E-Board NYU Digital Arts Society
– 16 credit college workload
– Potentially Internship hunting.
– Work 
– Commute

Imma be a busy bee this semester.

2 thoughts on “Junior Year at a Glance –

  1. Oh its funny, the regulars (And Shaun, the guy who founded it) are trying to teach me. We definitely dragged out a game of chess for like over an hour today 😦 I was sooo frustrated but in the end, I beat David! With Shaun’s help xD But yeah I’m sort of their token chick. Only girl in the chess club, wooooot.

    I’ve been /in/ chess club since last semester, but I’m VP this semester. I manage though, I try my best to avoid playing. I know how but strategy is beyond me.

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