Week Five [October 3 – October 6]

Power and Politics in America

[X] The New American Democracy, Chapter 8 - TUESDAY
[ ] Is Voting for Young People, Pages 1-94 - TUESDAY

Marlowe Colloquium
[X] Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus - TUESDAY
[X] James, "Cultural Disintegration" - THURSDAY (in course packet)

American Literature I
[X] William Byrd, “The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover” - MONDAY
[X] Portraits by John Singleton Copley* - MONDAY
[X] Phyllis Wheatley, poems and letters [751-764] - MONDAY
[X] Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer [595-616] - MONDAY
[X] Letters of John and Abigail Adams - WEDNESDAY
[X] Thomas Paine, Common Sense - WEDNESDAY
[X] Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence [616-657] - WEDNESDAY
[X] Madison & Alexander, Federalist Papers #1 & 10 [665-674] - WEDNESDAY
[ ] Writing Assignment #2 - Due October 12 [EXTENDED DEADLINE]
[X] Blackboard Post by Wednesday @ midnight

17th Century English Literature
[X] Begin collecting Bibliogaphy for Masque Group Project
[X] Read selected poetry - George Herbert - MONDAY
[ ] Selected Poetry - Ben Jonson - NEXT WEDNESDAY

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