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I’ll be more motivated once this particular new field of extreme interest and passion has its own blog, complete with categories of its own. I probably could implement it here with subcategories and a drop-down menu for swatches/tuts off a main nail art tab in my top menu of this blog, BUUUT thats just too cluttered here. Too many different things going on at once, and the nail art blog will be very picture heavy.

Also, not going to lie, I hope to advertise that one much much more haha. Check it out here –

Nail Spark*

[11] Memory

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Roxy was in a panic. She had two days to finish her project, a surprise that she had to finish for Tyler before their 5th Anniversary. The only problem now was that he was spending too much time at HOME for this to be possible. There were only so many times in a day she could justify holing herself up in a bathroom for 10 minutes.

The project was relatively simple, just really tedious. She was taking old photographs of their times together. She had known that her OCD habit of labeling everything would come in handy someday. As cluttered and grungy as this apartment was, her habit had not died. It had simply learned to accommodate Tyler’s mess and not make a fuss. Unless absolutely necessary. And the one thing that she had deemed absolutely positively without-a-doubt 100% necessary was labeling her photographs. She didn’t take TOO many of them, but whenever she chose to get photos printed, the backs were, without fail, labeled with the month and year she had snapped the photo. If possible, even the day. She even had a picture of the clothes she had worn when she first had sex with him. In the morning, she had snuck off to take a picture in all her glory. Smeared eyeliner, smeared lipstick, three visible hickeys on her neck and collarbone. All of it, commemorated into that photograph she took on July 5, 2011. Hey, that 4th of July party had been a reason to get trashed, and then there had been the dance and the really sexy guy with the perfect smoldering eye stare and he had danced with her and she had been so turned on by him that night that when they ended up in his apartment and she saw herself in the bathroom the next morning, she wasn’t even surprised.

She had snuck out of the apartment after writing out her number on half a post-it with a pencil snub she had seen on the mess of papers at his desk. He wasn’t one for cleanliness, but that connection she had felt with him had to be explored.

It had been almost 2 weeks later that she got a text from an unknown number telling her to meet at this club in the city. “Drinks on me,” the text had said. Sort of unsure of who this was, she had a pretty good idea and was just young and wild enough to do it anyway. She dragged her friend Celine out with her and danced the night away. He had approached her on the floor and seven songs later, she was at the bar and he was ordering cocktail after cocktail. Celine had left already to her boyfriend’s apartment in the city, and she had assured her that she had a place to crash. She’d stumbled back over to this guy and declared, “I’M NOT DRUNK. LET’S DANCE”

She remembered throwing her camera over to him several times and telling him to take a picture of this or that. She picked up the set of photographs from that month and pulled out the picture of her sloppily giving Tyler a kiss. They were in his apartment already after the night of drinking. Her dress had been loosened expertly and in the picture, the dignity of her nipples was uncomfortably precarious. She remembered that the dress had fallen to the floor not long after that shot.

They may have had a passionate and whirlwind courtship, but when he finally officially asked her to be his girlfriend, although not in so many words, that October, she was more than ready to say yes. He was nothing but a gentleman after that. Except in bed, and who wants a gentleman in bed anyway?

Picking out just one or two for every month she had been with Tyler was tough. She had chronicled the good times and the bad. That one night she had lain awake and looked over to see him sitting on his windowseat. The realization when she zoomed in on the cell phone photo that he had been crying. The misery, the ecstasy, the broken condom, the spoiled food. The meals made together, the food made apart. The texts, the pictures sent to each other when she was away for law school conferences and business trips and networking socials and he was stuck at home. The cuts on their bodies after that one really ugly fight where they had both thrown champagne glasses at each other after she struck a nerve and told him she was the financial pillar of their relationship. The certificate of employment, his first paycheck when he pulled his act together and found something stable.

They had gone through so much shit together. So so so many good memories. These five years had been nothing but a blessing, and she had the memories to prove it.

And in two days time, prove it she would.

Assignments [October 31 – November 3]

Power and Politics in America

[ ] Keith Krehbiel, Pivotal Politics (BB) - TUESDAY
[ ] Federalist #51 - THURSDAY

Marlowe Colloquium
[ ] Shakespeare, Richard II - TUESDAY
[ ] Ernst Kantorowicz, “King Richard II” - THURSDAY (in course packet)
Note: December 8 - Merchant of Venice Presentation
      December 15 - In-Class Final
      December 19 - Final Paper Due

American Literature I
[ ] Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin [1698-1792] - MONDAY
[ ] Baldwin, “Everybody’s Protest Novel” - MONDAY
[ ] william Cullen Bryant, “Thanatopsis” [1045] - WEDNESDAY
[ ] Emerson, “Nature” [111--1138
             Focus on Preface & chaps 1, 4, 8 - WEDNESDAY 
[ ] jefferson, excerpt from “The Natural Bridge” [Nature Texts] - WEDNESDAY
[ ] Blackboard Comment due by 10PM Wednesday night

17th Century English Literature
[ ] Start Compiling info on my section of group project

Upcoming Nicki Minaj OPI Collection :O

OH wow! Taken from a nail art blog:

Nicki Minaj is a rather colorful female. From her clothes (have you seen her crazy, yet amazing fashions?) to her catchy tunes and her infamous hair, Minaj never fails to inject a little bit of color into her life. And now the hip hop sensation is partnering with OPI to launch her own nail polish collection!

The Nicki Minaj by OPI collection will be released January 2012 and will feature six limited edition shades inspired by Miss. Minaj’s unique style, her love of bright color and her debut album Pink Friday.

“OPI is so excited to work with Nicki in releasing these six new nail lacquers,” said Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “Nicki has taken the hip hop world by storm, but her music is only part of the equation. She’s also become a fashion inspiration, noted for her daring costumes and hair color both on and off the stage.”

The Nicki Minaj collection will feature an array of bold hues (would you expect anything less?!) ranging from neon lime green to pink. Check out all the shades: Pink Friday (a bubblegum pink color), Metallic 4 Life (a charcoal sparkle shade inspired by her hit song, Moment 4 Life), Save Me (a silver-rainbow glitter), Fly (a chic aqua hue), Did it On ‘Em (a lovely lime), and a special purple Super Bass Shatter!

The colorful collection comes out January and will be available at professional salons and stores such as ULTA, JCPenney for $8.50 each.

OH MY GOSH A WHOLE PINK FRIDAY/MINAJ THEMED COLLECTION! I can’t wait to put some of these on my shopping list. At first glance (see below), I think its going to be the second, third, & fifth that are my favorites.

O.P.I. Polish Shopping List

For some reason, I’m not toooo attracted to these. I think that OPI and even Essie produce a lot more ‘grown-up’ shades I can’t really see myself having fun with. Pretty as a manicure on their own, but not with layering and nail art and fimo and all those other fun things I love.



Tickle Me France-y

You Don’t Know Jacques

The One That Got Away, Katy Perry for OPI Collection
Note: I’ve actually worn this before (the last time I got a manicure…sometime last year in the Financial District. $20 Mani/Pedi, me gusta)

China Glaze Polish Shopping List

I swear, Nail Art needs its own section at this point.

The reason there are so many glitter polishes is because I have none at the moment, and because these are sooo versatile. Make great finishes for other polishes + on their own on top of a color in their palette, the results are GORGEOUS. I also picked a lot more darker colors because I don’t have enough of those yet IMO.

And I can never have enough teals so…thats why there are a lot of those haha. But mainly, I wouldn’t pay $8 for a red China Glaze polish if my red 99cent Sinful or Wet N’ Wild one works just as well. Know what I meannnn?

Fairy Dust




Strawberry Fields

Meteor Shower

Fortune Teller

Electric Lilac

Four Leaf Clover

Ruby Red Pumps



From Fall 2011 Metro Collection

-Westside Warrior
-Midtown Magic
-Concrete Catwalk